New Stuffs... Indian Summer and something coming from Tula Pink

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Hi Everyone.

I almost feel guilty for showing this but I am so excited... this is the new collection from Tula Pink coming in September:


Indian Summer Arrived today ... so much neat stuff!

Talk soon... I promise I will have more interesting things to say soon :)
15 comments on "New Stuffs... Indian Summer and something coming from Tula Pink"
  1. ummmm... new fabric is *always* interesting!!

  2. Love those adorable raccoons!

  3. Both lines are awesome! You have such good taste!

  4. your title... "something coming" has got me humming that song from West Side Story this morning. :)

  5. September it is then. Better start saving right now, as I love each and every print by Tula Pink! And I won't hesitate to trick my boyfriend into buying me some of this great fabrics :)

  6. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So don't fret about not having more to say:0)
    Loving Tula's racoons!

  7. So, if that sample book was to disappear, what would happen? You wouldn't look in Alabama, right?

  8. ACACIA is due out September?!? Her FB said Spring! WAAAHHH!!! :(

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