Happy Monday! Yes, we are having a Black Friday Sale...

Monday, November 25, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I thought I might post this tomorrow or Wednesday but I decided there was no reason to wait. We are having a Black Friday sale on the website.

30% (or more) off our already low prices on all yardage, 1/2 yd bundles, and pre-cuts. Prices will be marked down at Midnight Eastern US time on Thursday night 11/28 until Midnight Eastern US time Friday night 11/29. Gift Cards are available for Holiday Giving or for your own wishlist.

Locals:  If you are local to the San Francisco Bay area join us on Monday 12/2 for the in store sale. Please note we will be closed at the brick and mortar starting Wednesday and continuing through Sunday.

6 comments on "Happy Monday! Yes, we are having a Black Friday Sale..."
  1. I just broke the news to Molli earlier about BF fabric sales, hope you're ready for him!

  2. Oh my gosh, I got so excited, I went straightaway and filled up a cart, then I came back for the coupon code and realized it will be a few more days! LOL. Calm down, Jenny.

    I hope my cart will still be full, all that shopping wore me out :-) I'll be there at about 11:45 to check!

  3. I am going to start warming up my fingers - to do some walking!

  4. Good thing I get my allowance Friday and I'm not the only one to pre- shop!

  5. I'm coming to SF on Tuesday, will the sale continue or is it only on Monday, please say it will also be on Tuesday, I am coming all the way from Greece :)


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