It's Raining....

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Literally and ... Literally... It is raining outside and due to the kind of roof the shop has every year it rains inside the shop as well. Until the roofers come out and fix it, again, every year. This time it was over the computer desk... oh joy! Last year it was in about 8 places over the fabric shelves... luckily we caught the leaks (with garbage cans) before we had any wet fabrics.

Yep, that's Botanics... some of it got here yesterday but 8 bolts were delayed getting to the warehouse so they will be a week or two later... mostly because of the Holiday weekend next week. These arrived a week earlier than I expected. We will have bundles back up for sale as soon as the rest comes in.

Miss Vanessa at V&Co mentioned our little challenge group yesterday. Head on over to see some more info about Market (and that adorable chevron skirt she wore).  And Miss Sally posted the latest update on our challenge.

See you tomorrow for the tutorial for the leaf blocks and a little giveaway... don't miss it... :)
5 comments on "It's Raining...."
  1. Ack! So excited for this line!

  2. With any luck, my sister & I will make the trip from Pleasanton to your shop after T'giving - I am SO EXCITED!
    Hope the inside rain has stopped for you.

  3. I'm thinking you might want to try a different roofing company. That's a lot of work trying to keep everything dry. especially if it starts raining at night. You could end up with ruined goods.

  4. I do hope you don't get too much rain and that the roof problem is quickly solved.

  5. Do the colors in Botanics work well with the first line Architextures? Or are they completely different? Just wondering if I could mix the 2 lines in a quilt.


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