Happy Monday... I sewed...

Monday, November 18, 2013
Hi Everyone,

Thought I would show you what I worked on over the weekend... if you follow me in other places like Facebook or Instagram sorry for the repeat...

This was taken in the middle of the night so excuse the poor light quality. I am so in love with the True Colors from Anna Maria Horner that I used for this. I want to make a few million quilts with them. We will have a little tutorial on Friday along with  a giveaway so stay tuned.
16 comments on "Happy Monday... I sewed..."
  1. Fabulous Julie!
    I'm looking forward to the tutorial!

  2. Love these, such fun. I'll be waiting for a tutorial.

  3. Very pretty. I don't do FB, Instagram so I totally appreciate seeing these pretty blocks on your blog.

  4. Love the block. Can't wait for the tutorial so I can make some too! The fabric is fabulous also.

  5. Loved these when I saw them on IG!

  6. Love the block, looking forward to the tutorial!

  7. oh my goodness: those look amazing!!! Love the fabrics and love the block pattern!! Looking forward to Friday!! :-) Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  8. oh I love them! I look forward to the tut!

  9. I absolutely love these blocks!! So beautiful!

  10. Some sewing time is always a good thing. Yeah for you.


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