Looking for Contributors and Sample Makers

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Hi Everyone,

Last year I had asked for volunteers for contributing to the Newsletter and it went okay. Mostly I was so overwhelmed with running the business all alone that I didn't get things mailed out in as timely a manner as I had wished to. Believe me no one is harder on me than I am on myself.

Now that I have some very helpful employees I think all will go much more smoothly.

I am looking for a core team of about 10 people to make samples for the shop or write tutorials and patterns for the blog and newsletter. Sample makers will have to be domestic but tutorial and pattern contributors can be from anywhere. You will only be asked to do 1-2 projects in the next year which doesn't seem like a lot but please be honest with yourself and us and give it some hard thought. It would be very sad to me if we ended up with a lot of people not fulfilling their promises.

There are some fun perks which I will discuss with you if you apply. Not the lease of which is new fabric to play with. I know from past experience that we will get a lot of emails so please understand that I can't pick everyone.

Your work doesn't necessarily have to be quilting related but use of fabric is, of course, a must :)

Please include a link to your blog or photos of some of your work.

If you are applying to be a tutorial or pattern maker please include pictures of your original work. I promise not to copy it or share it with anyone else and I am a protector of copyrights, even implied copyrights.

If you are applying to be a sample maker I will give you a choice of a few patterns to make but the decisions on fabric will be mine because they have to fit with the esthetics of the shop.

Please email at this special email address contributors.intrepidthread@gmail.com to apply.

I will answer all emails but it might be a few weeks. I would like some time to really consider each person. So give me until January 10th or so :)
7 comments on "Looking for Contributors and Sample Makers"
  1. I would love to be a sample maker! I do have a blog, but haven't blogged in about a year. Sounds like a fun challenge, which is what I love!

  2. I would love to be a sample maker - I'm starting to dabble in pattern making too, but much more comfortable doing samples. Sending an email now :)

  3. That sounds very interesting! My blog is qwilltr.blogspot.com. I would be interested in making samples. I wouldn't have the time for tutorials or pattern making but samples would be fun!

  4. Hmmm...Interesting! I have sewed for about 40 years, but have just started to blog (literally this month!). I wanted to share and link up with other blogs. I'm learning SO much...about quilting and blogging. I spend a good amount of time now tutoring folks on computer software, and taught elementary school...so I have a bit of experience in those arena's. I have the time and inclination for fun projects...I think I'll apply! Thanks for the chance to do some fun things!



  5. What fun it would be to be one of your sample makers. http://martysfibermusings.blogspot.com

  6. Sure, I would enjoy being a sample maker!



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