Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale

Friday, November 25, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Yep, I am joining the craziness! Here is the info about the big sale this weekend:

I will also be doing some additional mark downs through the weekend so keep an eye out for some great new deals in the sale section.

Talk soon... after we all recover from the Turkey induced coma... Hugs!
10 comments on "Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale"
  1. Seems like everyone is up early this morning! I'll be doing some on-line shopping!

  2. Just a quick thought - I love going back through your blogs - but I get confused with the dates. Can you put the month and the day, not just the time?

  3. oh man, it all looks SO good, I want to buy it all. But tomorrow we're heading to disney world for a week, so I can BUY anything right now..... :-( but we're excited about next week!!

  4. anonymous, the date is at the very top of the posts just above the post title,

  5. Now I think I am just going to have to have turkey this weekend as we've missed out!

  6. You make it so easy to part with my money, and I do it with joy! Yay for a sale!

  7. Happily placed my order :) Thank you for the amazing sale!

  8. did you sell out of echo? i can't find it anymore, if so! wow!

  9. great giveaway. I love Pear Tree collection.

  10. That will teach me to let my blog reading slide for a few days... I ordered some "delighted" on sale, but didn't see the discount codes until after! Oh well, I'm still delighted with my purchase ;)


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