Power Pop and Happiness are here....and an oops

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Power Pop and Happiness are here:

I knew I was going to love Power Pop

But I was not prepared for Happiness to knock my socks off :)

My apologies, especially to Brooke, I spelled Moroccan wrong in the Newsletter... my only excuse is lack of sleep. :)

Talk soon!
16 comments on "Power Pop and Happiness are here....and an oops"
  1. I love all of it. The colors and patterns are all just beautiful.

  2. ACK!!! The beautiful fabrics just don't stop!

  3. Oh I was looking for a clanger of an Oops!

  4. Yup Miss Julie, you're killin' us :) hehe!So purtty!

  5. love that orange and turquoise together.

  6. OH First~ Thanks for another awesome newsletter with all those goodies. SUCH AWESOMENESS all in one place. Thank you to everyone.

    And all that fabric? OH YES please? *drool* Can I borrow anyone's checkbook please? :)

  7. I LOVE Happiness! I didn't know about it until I saw you post about it on Facebook. Going on my Christmas list...

  8. Wow,you got it.Another awesome fabrics.I love all.

  9. Happiness has such saturated colors. Lovely.

  10. Happiness is just that... happy, isn't it?! I hope you get some sleep :) though even on a good nights sleep I might spell Moroccan incorrectly.

  11. Happiness bowled me over when I saw it. I keep coming back here and drooling over it. I've got so much fabric now that I will feel terribly quilty purchasing more. I do believe I will have to live with the quilt! lol


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