Sample Spree and Swag Galore

Friday, November 4, 2011
Sorry so late getting back with this I had a ton of orders to get out today... I also have my Habitat Challenge quilt to finish... it will be a late night.

Two free books and some free patterns and templates.

Sample Spree from Moda... (had to share so it has been pulled apart) From Left: A Walk In The Woods by Aneela Hoey, A Stitch In Color by Malka Dubrawsky, Good Fortune by Kate Spain. The little stuff in the middle was what Mistress Hoey was serving up on her platter.

Someone asked me what Aneela had on the platter in the picture and this is it. 2 1/2" squares of a bunch of new lines.

Shadow Flower (I didn't get to buy this for the shop) Echo (I definitely bought this for the shop) and Petal Pushers (also on the way to the shop).

Art Gallery Paradise, Oval Elements, and Bespoken. The Ovals are coming the others are already out so I have two other collectiosn from Art Gallery coming instead.

Pear Tree!!!! (Brooke stole the last green bundle) the other collection is Primativa... we all fell in love with it hope you guys like it too.

Riley Blake only had Happy Sunny Skies of the collections I had ordered so I got this layer cake. Had to show off the Pandas.

Here is a list of the collections I bought (I will do my best to get pictures soon):

Free Spirit

Nothing (I already bought it all at the beginning of October :) )


Quilt Blocks (a super fun modern line that you won't believe is from Moda) It is what is tied in the roll in the Moda pic.

Summerville (fun mono prints)

A Walk In The Woods (Aneela's new collection. Love those Mushrooms and Foxes)


Primativa (in pic above)

Flock (a new collection by Thomas Knauer of Pear Tree fame)

Santa Claus is Coming To Town ( adorable Chirstmas collection by Marisa of Meet The Gang fame)

Ric Rac Rabbits (another one by Marisa)

Hello Pilgrim ( a new collection by Lizzy House the Pilgrims are Butterflies so it is not a Thanksgiving collection :) )
Guising (a Halloween collection by Lizzy House)


Cabana Blooms (I showed a picture yesterday :) )


Karma Baby (super cute kids prints with elephants)

Eskimo Pie (a flannel Christmas collection with Penguins)


Desert Daydreams (a new one from Khristian Howell gotta love her)

Fruit Slice (and another by Khristian)

Maya (by a new designer named Leah... so embarrassed I can't remember her last name but you will love her designs)

Art Gallery

Summerlove (these are different colors for me so all of you Autumn girls/guys this is for you)

Poetica (everytime I say the names I hear Pat Bravo's accent :) )

Riley Blake

Apple Of My Eye (by our Amanda of The Quilted Fish... if you liked Sugar and Spice you will love this!!)

Alpine Wonderland (a super sweet Holiday collection by Sherri Berry)

Good Life by Zoe Pearn

Dress Me Up by Doohikey Designs (funny I thought it was Dress Up Days I wonder if they changed the name, this has doll panels with changes of dresses in it as well as a cute bicycle print.)

Dang, I done good!
37 comments on "Sample Spree and Swag Galore"
  1. Wow Julie, I am slightly green with envy, what a fab haul, glad to hear you had a great time (actually how could you not!?).

  2. I like Karma Baby and Eskimo Pie (googled for a peek at them!).

    You bought lots of goodies, the shop will be FULL!

  3. Oh my goodness I need some air! So much fabric goodness coming!!!!

    (I'm right there with you on the Habitat challenge. This minute, it's a top and a prepped binding. Quilting will commence... after dinner?! Yikes! Talk about cutting it close. I'm sending us both finishing vibes. ; ) )

  4. That is quite a long list girlie!!!! You did do good =D I can't wait to see pictures of everything!! It looks like you got some super cool patterns and templates!! And you didn't do bad at sample spree either =P

  5. First off, Hedgehog Happy Hour?!!! ADORABLE!!! Ok, now that THAT's out...
    Boy, when you pick 'em, you sure pick 'em BIG! Glad you had the girls there to help you spend your money! (Also glad it was you, not me - I'd faint if I had to make all those decisions!!!)
    Yay for fun fabrics!!! :)

  6. Oh Pear Tree looks SO SO interesting.. I would love to see more of that one for sure.. along with many of the others.

  7. Whooohooo! You DID do good! LOL I didn't enter the go giveaway cos they gave me one and I'm working up a tut for my very own giveaway! Funfunfun! Glad you had a great time at Market, and safe travels, too. Love the new things you are showing.

  8. WOW!!! SO much eye candy!! And SO MUCH to be excited about!!!

  9. Wow, that is fantastic pickings... still sitting in front of my computer watching! LOL

    You sure do rock!

  10. I'm anxiously awaiting Echo and A Stitch in Color!

  11. Dang is right, you done good - VERY good. I want to hug you and pat you on the back all at the same time! :) I think I am going to have to get a part time job because I don't want to miss out on any of it.

  12. This is a lot of stuff! love those little charm packs and thanks for the peek at the new stuff! I love the Eskimo Pie and A walk in the woods.

  13. Whew - that's lot's to look forward to Julie! Great choices.

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  15. I'm going to have to start wearing a bib when I read your blog. All those new fabrics always make me drool.

  16. I'm still drooling and waiting for Malka's new fabric to be available. Lynne from Lily's Quilts has a jelly roll and said it is even more amazing in person. I can hardly wait. Lucky you getting to see everything up close and before we all get to see it.

  17. So much swoon-worth fabric! I just learned about Sample Spree and I sooo wish I could go! Thanks for sharing all that lovely eye candy!

  18. No pressure, but when is the Echo arriving? Can't wait to get my hands on it!!! That Primativa looks great, I don't think I've seen it before!

  19. WOWEEE! What a haul you have there and then the list of what is to come!!! I can't wait to see pictures of it all. Must get to work, must get to work.

  20. Looking forward to seeing it in the shop! :D

  21. Lots of wonderful goodies, I love the Happy skies, such a fun print.


  22. One word--ANEELA!!!!!!! Yay! Can't wait to place my order with you!!! It's too perfect for a (not yet conceived) little girl!!!

  23. Oh dear, my hubby is SOOOOOO in trouble :) hehe!

  24. With all those new goodies around, I don't know how you can actually get any WORK done!!

  25. That looks like Christmas and Birthdays for the next two years all rolled into one!! Definitely going a deeper shade of green.....

  26. Good grief = my head is buzzing, in a good way!!

  27. Long list! You were busy at market!

  28. Woo hoo!! You did do good!!
    So much for me to drool over :)

  29. Please give your gorgeous fabric haul a hug from me. Just lovely! Jacinta

  30. It's like walking into a candy shop...soooooo much good stuff, hard to decide what I like best! Thanks for sharing with us!

  31. Looking forward to seeing the new lines come in the shop! Love your stash of goodies from Market!

  32. Yes, you did. Some really great finds.

  33. Wow, lots of great fabrics! Beautiful1

  34. Now that is some serious loot. I think you did a fantastic job!!


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