Echo is Here! And a Hint!

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Echo is here! Love!

Thanks to you all for convincing me to bundle with the solids I think they really add a punch to the bundles.

Here is my little hint... keep an eye on the blog for the next week and half or so ;) You will be glad you did. And here is another Hint it is all about a special date and (no matter how much I love this holiday) it is not Thanksgiving :)

Talk soon!
19 comments on "Echo is Here! And a Hint!"
  1. Aren;t these pretty - love the ones that look like Queen Anns Lace

  2. Very nice. The solids are great choices.

  3. Sneaky, sneaky! And Echo is beautiful!

  4. I love the added solids. They really make the prints 'pop'

  5. I'm both excited about and dreading Echo's arrival! Excited because it's so gorgeous, and dreading it because I can't really afford to buy multiple yards of every single print - which is what I desperately want to do!!

  6. Pretty pretty! Those bundles are lovely, and the solids are definitely a nice addition.

  7. This is totally my new favorite!!

  8. Lovely fabric, I can't wait until next week! I'm not very good at waiting for surprises. hmmmm what holiday could you be talking about?

  9. After reading the other comments, I checked out these bundles. OH boy, I have been resisting them because I don't have time to make anything for myself until January. But then, these bundles are too amazing! I wish they had the Moira in deep, but the solids you chose to coordinate are such a grand idea that I've given myself a little pre-holiday spending spree. thanks!

  10. Lovely bundles, even if you are a big tease!

  11. Ohhhh, I'm thinking that someone might be blowing out the candles next week on that special date. :D
    LOVE the Echo, headed to the shop to take a better look see.

  12. I definitely need those gorgeous bundles!!
    I'm no good at riddles :(

  13. Those fabrics are just gorgeous. Arrrughhh, the temptation to buy it. The solids definitely make the patterns pop. Jacinta x

  14. Those 2 bundles just make my mouth water!

  15. I cannot even tell you how much I love this line. I think I already know what my next splurge will be when funds allow.

  16. Oh, great idea to add the solids...those bundles look great!


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