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Saturday, November 5, 2011
Hi Everyone,

It is our monthly meeting of the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild can't wait to let them paw through all my stuff from Market
I might have this many bags to carry LOL

For all those who have asked the Newsletter is not out yet so you didn't miss it. I am so sorry but with trying to catch up from Market I haven't had a chance to throw it together yet. Here is a sneaky peek of Miss Brooke's Table Runner that will be one of the tutorials:

I was the lucky recipient of this when she came to Market with me :) It has a proud place on my table as we speak.
 I will have the Newsletter out on the 15th (I have been wanting to change it to the middle of the month anyway :) ) Thanks for letting me know that you miss it :)

See y'all on Monday :)
10 comments on "MQG Today and About the Newsletter"
  1. Love your fabric picks. Have fun at your guild get-together!

  2. Watch your back and a Moroccan Mirage tablerunner!!

  3. I wish I was there pawing all those lovely fabrics. I'll have to settle for viewing them when you have them up on the site.

  4. IT will be nice to get the newsletter when I get back home from a weekend away from all things sewing related.

  5. Oooh the table runner is giving me ideas!

  6. Oh, how I wish I was a guild member...would love to just look at all those pretties in person! LOL Hey, girl just take it easy - your newsletter is worth waiting for!


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