Carnaby Street and Global Bazaar

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Carnaby Street is here:

 And Global Bazaar is finally all here... took an extra week to get the last three fabrics since they sent me 3 bolts of "Bugs" instead.....

6 comments on "Carnaby Street and Global Bazaar"
  1. oh my, I LOVE these fabrics! I want some!
    thanks for inspiring me ;-)

  2. I ordered and received two of the fabrics from that line and I love them! Thanks Julie!

  3. They are both so bright and cheerful!

  4. Love these! I need to come into the shop anyway, because I forgot to get one cut of constellations last time I was in. BTW, my son, who was being stroppy, fell asleep within 5 minutes of my leaving last week. He is normally very sweet, so I knew something was up. Thanks Julie!


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