Scrap Challenge with Stitched in Color

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Hi Everyone,

We are sponsoring a scrap challenge over at Stitched in Color ... head on over and get all of the particulars from Rachel you could get a little of this to work with:

I just added this to the shop in both fat quarters and half yards as well

Talk soon :)

PS. I had a comment this morning about the fact that we are not shipping internationally for this challenge. That was not my rule, it was Rachel's, and it had to do with time constraints. All of my regular giveaways are open to the international community.
5 comments on "Scrap Challenge with Stitched in Color"
  1. Wrote at the challenge site:
    I think these are just right for a small picnic quilt. Like the one where you just put the basket on , not the huge one that you roll into under the sun. But well, I am from India and by definition out of the challenge :(

    wish u could make an exception

  2. Gorgeous fabrics. Hope I get selectedby Rachel. I am feeling rather creative lately..

  3. Us poor internationals are going to miss out on few things with your postage going up over there. Our postage is expensive over here too. Someone always puts a spanner in the works don't they.

  4. Julie, Appreciate your stopping by my site to respond to my comment. Understand that not all giveaways can be international and this one is set up by Rachel and not you.

    PS: I am not Shruti :)
    She is a friend and fellow quilter also from India. Glad to know that you know her.


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