Some New Bundles

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Hi Everyone,

We had some fun putting together some color bundles yesterday. We can call this a virtual color wall.

This is the Basically Orange Bundle in Fat Quarters and Half Yards

Thisis Basically Red in Fat Quarters and Half Yards

This is Basically Yellow in Fat Quarters and Half Yards

Here is a sneak peek of Global Bazaar it turns out that the Manufacturer messed up my order and sent me three bolts that I didn't order in place of three bolts of this so the Paisleys and one of the Dancing Geo prints won't be here until next week now. I will put up fat quarter and half yard bundles then. The yardage of everything else is available though.

See the little Elephants? Aren't they cute?

The Low Volume Bundle has been re-stocked :)

See ya tomorrow :)
11 comments on "Some New Bundles"
  1. Awe, the elephants ARE cute. But man... LOVE that orange bundle! So pretty!

  2. I love the ornage bundle.Just beautiful!!

  3. I love the ornage bundle.Just beautiful!!

  4. Lovely bundles! Any plans for a green one?

  5. Hi Julie! What is the red text print at the bottom of the bundle? I could love to get a yard of just that but I couldn't find it on the site. Thanks!!!

  6. Ok - I tried to decide - but but but I LOVE THEM ALL!

  7. Oh my goodnesss, girl! You're killin me! I am loving the pink and the aqua. I already have a list of wants bigger than my budget, and now you just added to it! ;) You're just too good at this!!

  8. HA! I just commented on the wrong post (oops!) That last comment was meant for today's (2/10) post. Those fabrics made me all mixed up. lol

  9. O wow what a great idea, love that orange bundle!


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