Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway

Friday, February 8, 2013
Hi Everyone,

The weeks go by so fast over here. It seems like it was just Friday and now here we are again. Looking forward to another awesome weekend. 

Somehow the fabric manufacturers keep sending things to my house even though they all have the shop address. I got 300 lbs of fabric on the doorstep yesterday. It is Bekko from Michael Miller. Our first foray into Home Dec on a large scale. Here is a sneak peak (I don't have it loaded to the website yet because I couldn't remember for certain which prints I bought):

I can't wait to make bags and picnic quilts and floor pillows and re-cover all the chairs in the shop and... oh yeah, I forgot, sewing time's a little limited these days. I guess you guys will have to make all of those things so I can live vicariously through you.

My sweet friend Jenelle at Echinops and Aster is starting a stitch along called "The Honeycomb Stitch Along" I am intrigued and want to know more, don't you? We are sponsoring a prize for the link up at the end. Why not head on over and see what it is all about?

Honeycomb Stitch-Along Button

This reminds me that we have the Honeycomb pre-cuts from Moda coming this month in the prettiest of the solid colors... mmm what shall we make?  :)
So the giveaway is at Maureen's today. We are giving away this sweet bundle of Global Bazaar.

Head on over and see if you can win some :)

I hope to be back with Bekko pictures this evening.... I love it whan new fabric comes :)

16 comments on "Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway"
  1. Very pretty. Why does sewing time have to be so limited????

  2. Sem limitações seria o ideal mesmo...mas fazer o que^?seas vezes a vida fica no caminho...Amo seus tecidos.

  3. I can't wait until March when I'm back home and can come into the shop again! Knowing you are there and I can't go is just killing me!

  4. I haven't been to the shop yet but hope to make it to that area mid april! I follow the blog and get her newsletter!

  5. I sure hope I can win . . . . these giveaways are amazing, because they connect me with pages I never knew existed!!! Love it!!

  6. Loving the little elephants and stripe

  7. Oh yeah. I'm excited to see the home dec fabric.

  8. This is just sew pretty!! Thank you for sharing them for a giveaway!!

  9. Beautiful! Keeping my fingers cruised on this one!

  10. sweet! I was going to order some last night, but wondered if you would be getting Bekko in. Glad you did! :)

  11. Pretty giveaway bundle! I am so excited you have the Bekko!! I just saw it somewhere online and was drooling over the colors and prints.

  12. I love that new fabric at the top of the page!

  13. All those fabrics are pretty. I can't choose my favorite on this one post so it's good we don't have to. LOL

  14. OhMyGoodness, I can't even imagine getting 300 lbs of fabric dropped off at my doorstep. My family would think I'd finally gone looney. Happy but looney :) I think the Bekko's quite nice.

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