Making New Friends

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I have said it more than once. The best part of opening the Brick and Mortar is getting to meet people that up until that point had only been a few words on a screen. My co-worker Colleen and I got a treat last week when we got to make a new friend from Australia. Molli Sparkles

I received an email Thursday before last saying "I am so excited because I am traveling from Sydney, Australia to San Jose, California this weekend for work, scheduled to arrive around midday on Saturday. I am going to the hotel, and then straight to your shop for some much needed fabric therapy! I have lots of quilty friends who have raved about your selection and overseas deliveries, so I am thrilled to see the shop in person. I do hope you have some Color Me Retro still in stock because I have been waiting to get my hands on that since Jeni announced it! See you soon!"

This is exactly what he did. Straight from jet lag to fabric shopping. My kinda guy! We spent a super fun 4 hours making friends and choosing fabrics. He tells the story much better on his blog here. What I can tell you is... when he left Colleen exclaimed "Favorite Customer Eveeerrrr!"

So if you are wondering what he is holding in his hot little hands... it is a preview of this weeks giveaway. A rainbow bundle for your stashing delight. Here is a close up:

On Friday we will put this up for the giveaway (so don't enter now) . Do go over and have a look at his blog. I have rarely met a more exuberant fabric collector/quilter. Oh and when you go look... my nose isn't that big I promise... it is just the angle :)

Talk soon.
12 comments on "Making New Friends"
  1. Wish I could've been there--he sounds like a pretty fun guy!!!

  2. I did go over to Molli's site and it was such a fun read that I just have to follow him. Great show, and hope I make it for the give away. You are my favorit on-line shop.

  3. Fun! I really love meeting folks in real life when I've been following their blogs. :)

  4. That is so cool! Especially all the way from Australia.

  5. He has some fabulous taste!!! That is a gorgeous pile of fabric. Now if only the shipping rates to Canada hadn't gotten so darn expensive, it's making me second guess so many purchases that would have been impulsively made a few months ago. :( I just need to get used to buying in bulk I guess, make it worth my while, heehee! My favourite, sparkliest fabric among his lovely treasures was the floral Cosmos print, with Constellations and Architextures coming a very close second. Sigh, I'm dreaming in fabric these days. I need my husband to buy some new electronic equipment so I can feel justified in a little me-splurge!

  6. How fun that you had a customer from the other side of the world seek you out and spend some wonderful time in your shop. I'm going to read his blog post now. :)

  7. Thanks Julie for your wonderful write up about my visit. I will gladly take the title of favorite customer ever, such an honour! LOL! And thank you to all your visitors who have visited and left the most amazing comments of encouragement. It is very much appreciated!

  8. That is such an awesome story! And I now have a new blog to follow!

  9. Now Molli is just a treasure and I feel very envious that you have met him in person. And he looks great as a fabric model too. Looking forward to seeing the stash he bought from your store when he features it on his blog THIS Sunday (so we are promised!).

  10. Yay Molli! Look at you on the Intrepid Thread blog! Molli is one of the members of a Facebook quilting group I'm in and he adds plenty of sparkle to it too! We are all looking forward to seeing his stash, both from Intrepid Thread and from his Grandma Sparkles (wish I had a Grandma Sparkles too!). Looking forward to the giveaway!

  11. I so agree...the in person meetings are what make this craft that much more precious.

  12. I folow Molli just for few weeks and I haven't realize it's actually a male, lol.


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