Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway

Friday, September 23, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Oh my goodness... My daughter doesn't do pop culture but my son does so now every Friday I hear him in my head singing that stilly Friday song... you know the one. I bet you have an idea of what I am giving away this week... Moroccan Mirage of course!
Go over to Happy Quilting to enter. You might like to say best wishes on Melissa's new baby while you are there she went in yesterday to have the baby ... wasn't it sweet of her to set up the giveaway for you guys before she did. I don't know how she gets it all done with all her adorable children and the designing and everything.

I thought I would show you all a little toy that I haven't mentioned before. One of the ladies in my Modern Quilt Guild is Kacie... she and her husband have developed a super fun quilt designing software that you can use on their website. She doesn't even know that I am posting this I just thought of it this morning :)

It is called Quiltivate

You can go here to check it out. If you are anything like me you can spend hours messing around with it :) Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts has written some tutorials for you over there as well. Here is a link to the blog that shows the blocks you can choose for the tutorials.

Something super fun happened yesterday. My little blog was visited by none other than the sweet, beautiful, amazing, generous Kate Spain. She left a comment on my post about Terrain being in and the 8 people that commented on that post are getting mini charm packs of Terrain. Talk about exciting. I just love that girl!
Have an amazing Friday everyone!
28 comments on "Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway"
  1. Julie, you are so generous with your giveaways. It is only natural that I look at your shop first when I am shopping for fabric. Thanks for being a friend!

  2. That is so awesome that Kate Spain came to visit you! Congrats :)

  3. Wow this is so strange. I was just cruising the internet yesterday looking for a free quilt design program. I do have EQ but it's EQ5 and my budget doesn't allow for the new one. Thank you!

  4. Oh Julie!! How fun! I just clicked through all of the different blocks to choose and there are so many =D That is definitely going to be fun to play around with. Thank you so much for the linky!!

    I still can't believe I'm getting a mini charm pack of Terrain!! That was so sweet of Kate Spain!! I'm going to have to try to make something extra nice with them =D

  5. You are just so AMAZING!!!
    How fun, how fun!!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. wow love Kate Spain...not typing much just slammed car door on my thumb - one hand typing is no fun! xxx

  7. I so need to check out that site. and know how I feel about this mirage line! swoon

  8. I just love Kate Spains' fabric. I just don't have any room in my budget for new fabric.

    I have never used EQ. So I will check out Amanda's tut before I go to Kacie's sight.

    Thank you so much Jewel.

  9. That is so neat that Kate Spain stopped, love her Terrain line!

  10. Nice that you had a visit from Kate herself! Need to go check out the site.

  11. Oh my goodness, how exciting that Kate Spain visited your blog!! She sounds so sweet and generous. :)

  12. That song drives me nuts. I have 3 gdaughters with me most days and they listen to it. Now I'm singing it with you!


  13. Wow, a visit from Kate Spain is fantastic!! I have no idea what the Friday song is but if it's that annoying I'm blissful in my ignorance! Thanks for the giveaway at Melissa's - I've already entered ;o)

  14. So awesome that Kate Spain dropped by your blog! Her new Terrain fabrics are beautiful!

    The Moroccan Mirage fabrics are gorgeous, what a generous giveaway! And thanks for putting the "Friday" song in my head - my kids forgot to do it this morning, lol.

  15. Wow, gratz to the loyal commenters! :)

  16. "It’s Friday, Friday
    Gotta get down on Friday
    Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend"

    Mee too! I listen to the Glee version vs Rebecca Black.

  17. Quiltivate is very cool and very addicting. It's the 1st quilting software that I ever played with and it was super easy to use. Thanks for the heads up.
    And congrats on your visitor.

  18. How cool! You have the best blog and fabrics in your shop!

  19. OMG>>>>>>>> THE KATE SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am in awe that I know you!

  20. Wow I love motto can mirage! Came via annabelles blog :)

  21. For the give away just wanted to say that I am a follower.

  22. How fabulous is that and lucky lucky commenters...thanks for the fabulous giveaways!

  23. That is soooo nifty about Kate Spain dropping by! Congrats to the lucky duckies!

  24. What a wonderful give away! I'm new to quilting and love Intrepid Thread. I'm off to Morocco on 2 October and would love to win the give away - it will help to keep me on track!

  25. Thanks for the giveaway and also I visited the tutorial link. It's great.

  26. Hi again! I thought I probably should have left you a message on this post to go into the draw to win the GAWJUS fabric you are giving away. (I left you a message on your Tuesday/Monday post). WOW!! Fancy being able to say that KATE SPAIN left you a message on your blog!! Now you can name drop "Oh yes, Kate Spain and I blah blah blah" (get the gist of it??) he..he.. Anyway I love the fabric you have available to win, and I want to thankyou for the opportunity to win such a lovely range of fabrics! Hugs n Blessings from Sue in Oz xx


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