Happy Monday!

Monday, September 12, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I spent Saturday cleaning up my shop then made a mess again when I pulled these:
I finally gave in and bought some of the DS prints from Joann, I really hated to do that... it was my treat to myself for cleaning the bathrooms and the shop on Saturday :) These are the scraps I am going to use to make my partner's pillow for The Pillow Talk Swap

Sorry for the short post but I have a ton to get done before my Angela comes... I mean my Moda Rep. Hehe I love that girl..... gotta mop, gotta get orders packed, gotta dust......

Talk soon!
9 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. You must have an awesome stash! I love, love, love that orange one with the little orange, green and pink flowers.

  2. Just love the fabrics you pick!!

  3. Looks better then a bowl of candy....well....ok it does!!
    = ) pretty

  4. Why did you hate to buy DS from Joanns? I thought the selection that they had of her fabrics were beautiful!

    Love your scraps too!

  5. LOL - Can't wait to see what you make for your pillow! I could get lost in Flicker for sure, have you been paired up yet then? I hope Angela's visit is fun, I can only imagine how much fun that would be. :)

  6. Happy Monday!!!!!! I like your little fabric pile =D

    Did you get all of your cleaning done in time?

    Moda rep....that means goodies for us to buy =D

  7. Happy monday too,That`s fabrics stunning.Happy sewing!!


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