A Super New Quilt Along To Check Out

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Hi Everyone,

My good friends Rhonda and Rachel are co hosting a quilt along. I always say I don't have time for a quilt along but if you look at the kick off post, here on Rachel's blog, I think you will see that the pace of this quilt along will be very easy... even for us time challenged persons. Rhonda has a podcast and she is interviewing Rachel today so if you haven't checked that out you can do that as well. The purpose of the quilt along is to teach quilting techniques, both free-motion and hand quilting. I know I can always use practice on my free motion so I am all in. I am sponsoring the quilt along and offering a prize at the end for a drawing for those that finish their projects. Go participate at the Flickr pool as well.

Could Terrain be here today? Here's hoping....

Talk soon!
4 comments on "A Super New Quilt Along To Check Out"
  1. Fun!!!! I joined the flickr pool and added both blogs to Reader =D

    I need all the quilting practice I can get!!

  2. Fingers crossed for Terrain!!! I can't wait!!!

  3. It sounds fun,but i don´t understand what does mean duo quilt.It`s a quilt in two colors?

  4. Thanks Julie...Rachel and I have an idea that involves you!!! Email forthcoming....are you ready?


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