Monday, Monday, A Giveaway to Check out and Stuff...

Monday, September 19, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Today is gonna be fuuuunnnn! 'Cause I know UPS man is coming with something I am so excited to get. I can't tell you yet because it is a surprise..... but he will be visiting a few times this week to bring:



Moroccan Mirage (this might even get here today)

Yippee! I need fabric to be happy! No more months like August without my drug of choice  (fabric that is)LOL

Let me introduce you to my friend Shanna she has been following the blog for a while and I can always count on her for some words of encouragement. Go check out her blog she has a super fun giveaway going on. While you are there be sure to take a jaunt through her photos she has a super fun modern scrappy style that I envy with all my heart! hehe

I started working on my Scrappy Mug Rug Swap #6 item this weekend... my partner loves jewel toned batiks so I dug deep (batiks not being readily at hand) and found some really pretty ones... they also had to be Autumn-ish colors (all you who know me... you know how difficult this was for me) but I think I found just the thing and I am pretty excited at how fun this is coming out...

This might be the front or the back because I am pretty much loving the back I am making too...

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Monday!

Talk soon!
23 comments on "Monday, Monday, A Giveaway to Check out and Stuff..."
  1. You're getting to sew!! How fabulous :) And Terrain -- be still my heart!!!!!

  2. What beautiful fabric - have fun with all your parcels!

  3. Love seeing all the orange and greens!!!

  4. Lovely fabric!! You are going to have so much fun!

    I hoard fabric as much as my pocketbook allows, I just have the problem of sewing with it: I tend to hold on to it, admire it, and can never seem to make up my mind what to sew with it, LOL!

  5. I love everything!!! Your scrappy mug rug looks incredible! I'm so happy you got some sewing time in =D

  6. Gorgeous fabrics! I love the Moroccan Mirage.

  7. Oh, that orange is lovely! That is making me smile!!!

  8. So awesome!! LOVE it when the UPS man brings such terrific goodies :) Yipee!! Went out of town this weekend and was so sad I was not able to get to a computer and use your coupon!! Drat! NExt time!! Hope it was great!

  9. Thanks for posting on my blog... and now you have 620? you just went up by 90? Man!

    k, I love love love those leaves.... they are giving me all sorts of 3D ideas.
    Okay, and just so you know... I have gone to your etsy shop like 5 times, filled my cart, but the shipping ends up being as much (literally) as the fabric.... so then I feel so guilty about spending that much on shipping... so don't think I don't love your etsy store, cause I do. I need to find someone who frequents both countries and can be my runner =)))


  10. Can't tell are they really leaves or little fish? Beautiful no matter what they are...can't wait until you get the Terrain!

  11. Oh those are Beautiful leaves !! How did you make those? Maybe an idea for a tutorial? (when life gets back to more 'normal')

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a gorgeous fabrics!!You are going to be very busy.Have fun playing with them!!

  13. Terrain is so pretty but what is the SURPRISE????

  14. You're getting to sew! Good for you! I love your leaves. Can't wait to see more.

  15. Terrain! I feel like I've been seeing this for months and now it's finally coming out. Soooo pretty!

  16. Ooooooooooooh Terrain ~ my FAVORITE!

    Love the mug rug so far. So pretty.
    I wandered over to post to her new blog. Looks very good so far.

  17. Love the leaves! Seems like a lot of us have the same drug of choice :)

  18. Love the newest fabric that hasn't arrived yet. I have a fabric addiction....going to need to come clean with my hubby soon!

  19. I love your fall leaves. And I can't wait to order some morrocan mirage!

  20. wooww!!! i like all ur fabrics. can order online or not??

  21. Your fabrics are lovely.

  22. Oh my gosh, isn't Terrain to die for??? I looked at Shanna's blog - lovely.


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