We All Need Something To Believe In... Giveaway and Stuff

Thursday, September 22, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am a Christian. Nope not gonna talk about religion. I am just going to say that I believe we are meant to help those that are less fortunate.

My friend Jacque over at Lilypad Quilting agrees and today she has posted about a charity that is near and dear to her heart. Helping some orphan children. A lot of us (not all) are fortunate to have deep stashes accumulated over a few years. I know mine could use some culling. So if you have a little extra fabric that you can donate to a good cause. Please consider sending it to Malawi to clothe some needy children. You only have to pay postage within the US and send it to New York. I and a few other shops have donated some prizes for those that help out with the effort. I hope you will consider helping with this worthy cause.

I have made a new friend too (love it when that happens) her name is Annabella and she lives in Morocco.

Okay that right there is pretty cool. The other cool thing... she posts about what it is like to live there. She has an awesome quilting style and I could peruse her pictures for hours. She saw Moroccan Mirage and just had to get some for you all to win. I decided to sponsor her giveaway. So if you go over to her blog you can enter to win a fat quarter bundle of the Marrakech colorway (because she lives in Marrakech). You go girl!

That's all for now... see you tomorrow for Friday Fun Day ....

13 comments on "We All Need Something To Believe In... Giveaway and Stuff"
  1. Thanks for posting this Julie, I have a pretty huge stash of fabrics I'm not sure I will ever use. Great opportunity to give back!

  2. I recently met Annabella too. She is super cute and oh so sweet. I love her blog too. Thanks for mentioning her today. She is great!!



  4. Thank you for Sponsoring Jacque's endeavor! I am deeply touched at the beautiful 'quilters and sewers' who always seem to reach out...I am seeing it even locally.

    I can attest that every piece of fabric received will be used with appreciation. Thank you for the shout out.

    Now to visit your friend from Morocco! =)


  5. That's the best part of quilting/sewing for me, personally... I love to give it all away! :) I have one thing I've made that I kept and it was my first project.

    Thanks for sharing ;)

  6. Thank you for this post. I do not have a big stash but in the future I hope to make more charity quilts. I'm heading over to Annabelle right now!

  7. Thanks for the info, going to check out both of those blogs now!

    Also, I'm a sister in Christ with you Julie. :)

  8. What perfect timing! We are moving in a week and I have been amassing a bunch of fabric to donate to someone. Now I know who! Thanks so much!

  9. Hi I've just found you via Annabella. I'm a Christian too and have just started my own Charity Quilting Bee, helping local needy families in Belfast. Your shop & blog are both lovely.

  10. How nice of you to post about this and if I had a huge stash I'd certainly send some of my own.
    Thank you for letting us know of your friend in Morocco. How fun to have someone from another country like that.

  11. Just stumbled onto your blog and find it very interesting. Will go check out the Malawi project and your new friend's blog. Cool!

  12. Thanks so much for pointing me toward both these blogs. I'll be looking for some fabric from my stash to donate tomorrow.

  13. Thank you for this post. It is so important to give back.


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