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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Tuesday is the other Monday this week. I worked on this for a minute yesterday:
They are 3" blocks to make an 18" pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap. I hope my partner likes it. There are so many projects to do this month I am a little overwhelmed but I will persevere.

I finished my Mug Rug for the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap last night. I kinda love how it came out... batiks aren't my thing normally but my partner likes them and they did make some pretty leaves..
I am on a strip piecing kick lately. I pieced the strips of the batiks then cut out the leaf shapes on a diagonal to mimic the veins. I hope it isn't too simple. I am pretty proud of the fact that I drew the leaves because I am seriously handicapped when it comes to drawing even simple shapes.

I neve miss my Monday blog post... or I guess I should say rarely. So today is Tuesay the other Monday of the week :) I know some people hate Mondays but I like them. I always feel like it is a new beginning with so many possibilities for the week ahead. I hope your Monday was lovely and you have an even better Tuesday.

Ps. My friend The Bargain Babe said some sweet things about me on her blog... Thanks so much T :)
25 comments on ".... the other Monday"
  1. Both pieces are beautiful! I'm not big into batiks either, but I can surely see their appeal based on your leaves. I'm sure your swap partners will love them.

  2. Is it wrong that I want you to be my partner again??

  3. love those 3" blocks!! And the leaves are beautifully done.

  4. Those leaves are so beautiful! Can I copy them??? and the quilting around them makes them stand out so!

  5. Wow Julie... I sure do wish I could accomplish as much as you do in a minute! :) I missed you yesterday. Both projects are beautiful, I especially love the pillow! I'm not a batiks fan typically but they really can be amazing in the right hands, like yours apparently.

  6. Batiks aren't generally my thing either, but your mug rug turned out beautifully!!!

    I like your pillow, too. If you have time, do you know what the green fabric is in the bottom left and upper right corner? It's in the second row from the top and second from the bottom on the edge. Thanks!

  7. If your partner doesn't like it, I do!

  8. Hi Julie, I think you have done a fab job of the leaves! I am not a fan of Batiks either (funny isnt it that lots of us aren't - your either love 'em or hate 'em) anyway for certain projects they look great - go have a look at the stuff that Mckenna Ryan makes - I cant remember her website etc., but just google her name and you will find all her AMAZING quilts! Anyway I am leaving a comment here to also enter the Giveaway of the fabric please. Oh, I would love to win the pink/red's SO much!! Hugs n Blessings from Sue in Oz xx

  9. They are both so cute! You sound like my dad, he loves Mondays too. He sends emails that say "have a magnificent Monday!" to me... :P

  10. I love the bright colours in your pillow, I am such a coward with a dark backgrounds and yet I love how they look!!

  11. Your blocks for the pillow look great Julie! The mug rug is fabulous!

  12. If you partner doesn't like the pillow, I love it (hint...hint) =D

    I think you did an excellent job on the leaf mug rug. I can't draw either! I was actually going to go outside to get some leaves to trace LOL!!

  13. Another not so crazy about batiks here but they look fantastic the way you used 'em. And yes, leafy veins is what it conveys!!!

    The pillow is beautiful!

  14. I don`t normally like batiks but you could make me fall in love with them! Your mug rug is amazingly gorgeous and very seasonal...also LOVE your cushion cover. At first, I didn`t notice your cutting board and thought it was a quilt (scale is a funny thing)..oh your partner is going to love it. Have a great Montuesday Julie!

  15. very pretty- both the pillow and the mug rug :) hope your "other" Monday is great!!

  16. I lurve your cushion/pillow top - eye spy some scrummy DS fabric in there! Lucky partner x

  17. I want a pillow, too!! My husband would say "Why don't you get hot on that!"
    I featured you on Love Affair today!!

  18. Sunni @ Love Affair sent me and I have to say that I am excited to be here!! Wow!! I am now following your blog, signed up for your newsletter and followng you on FB. I love, love, love the fabric you carry and as soon as my husband heads off to work I'm going to do some shopping. :)

  19. You did a wonderful job,the pillow block and mug rug are awesome.

  20. The mug rug is fabulous! I love fall leaves.
    I really like your pillow layout but am wondering about the math involved to figure out the size of the grey squares to add to the corners of the print squares.

  21. Love your mugrug, but your pillow top absolutely took my breath away -- it is awesome! Isn't it fun that a simple block can make such a cool pattern? Love it!

  22. visiting from Love affair with my brother blog.
    I love these blocks and your mug rug design is super.

  23. Jumped over from Love my Brother! I always read your posts.


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