Getting All My Ducks In A Row... And Waddling Them To Market

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I can't believe I have to pack tomorrow. My flight is in the wee hours of Thursday morning. I had 5 things that were on my list to finish before the first weekend in November. Here is the latest finish that has to be in the mail before I go:

Finished it Sunday night. It will be hard to say goodbye to it. I heart it for sure.

Here are the other things in the order in which they were due:

 Scrappy Mug Rug

 Delighted Bunting

GO! Baby tutorial.

The last thing on the list is my Habitat challenge quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild. It isn't done but I have 4 days when I get home to work on it. It is all laid out and just needs to be appliqued and bound. I don't want to show it because I want it to be a surprise for the guild. I am pretty happy with myself for getting everything done.

So since most of my have tos were done I made myself a bag for Market. I will show it to you tomorrow. I don't know why but I always feel like I need a new bag when I go to Market.

Here is the yummy that showed up to the shop yesterday:

AS Tiffany said to me yesterday "I hope the rest of The Gang finds their way here today" LOL
24 comments on "Getting All My Ducks In A Row... And Waddling Them To Market"
  1. Have a good flight and enjoy Market. When are you back? Hugs

  2. you have certainly been productive! Have fun at market!

  3. That pillow is yummy, as are all the things you have made for market. Wish I could see them in other words, wish I were going to market.

  4. Have a wonderful time and take lots of photos.
    I love the birdhouse piece, need to see what new dies are out.


  5. Have so much fun at Market! I'm more than a wee bit jealous ;)

  6. Beautiful pillow... I'd hate to say goodbye to it, too. The birdhouse is awesome!

  7. Have fun at market! Great finishes and lovely fabric! :)

  8. What a fun post -- lots of lovely colors!!! :)

  9. Your pillow is so happy -- I love it! :) Have fun at market!

  10. Gotta love Foxy-loxy x
    Love that pillow!

  11. I'm loving that pillow. How little are those squares? Can't wait to see your bag!!

  12. Great job on that wonderful pillow and I'm in love with the birdhouse piece! Cannot wait for some outfoxed! Have a grand time at market - I'm always available to serve as pack mule.

  13. Love the cushion and the birdhouse! Have a great time at Market!

  14. You've been busy! I am looking forward to seeing your Market Bag. :)
    Please take LOTS of pictures at Market. I especially like to see the fabric in action - that way we can determine scale of the prints.
    Have FUN!!!

  15. Lots of neat projects. Have fun!

  16. Have fun at Market! That Outfoxed line is totally adorable.

  17. I love that pillow above, and the beautiful fabrics too *lol*
    Wish you a great time a the Market!

  18. Love the pillow and your GO! birdhouse, have a fun and safe trip!

  19. love love love the pillow!!! are you sending that to me? hehehe

  20. I hope it is a big bag and you have a total blast!

  21. I'm sure you'll have a blast here in Texas. Hope the weather is nice for y'all down there!

  22. Congrats on all your "to DONES"!

    Hope you have a blast at Market. :D

  23. Travel safe and have a fabulous time at market - take lots of pictures to share with us! :)


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