Rendezvous is here!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Oh Me Oh My... crazy love!

Just look at that red!!! So gorgeous!

Pictures don't do this justice it is stinkin' gorgeous!
36 comments on "Rendezvous is here!"
  1. It is awesome! I love the reds and greys.

  2. tough choice! The red is so sophisticated and the aqua is so fresh and modern!

  3. Mama needs a new bag with the Roses in Tears print. Aqua (of course)!

  4. Very beautiful. Might need to get some myself. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oooh yeah! And even all together.. Red and blue and dark grey and light.. mmmm hmmmm!

  6. I love the grays. All of them would be perfect for purse making.

  7. At first I wasn't sure about grey, but when I see it in a group like this, I love it. Thanks for the peek.

  8. Ooooohhh, Aaaahhhh. How is it that every new fabric line that comes out is so gorgeous. It's like new music. At some point you think it couldn't get any better, but it does.

  9. Oh my. Red and aqua are my favorites together. I am doomed.

  10. Bonjour!

    Where have I been? Why is this the first time I have heard of this!! WOW I really like the red and grey together, I like the aqua too. Wish I could with the lottery.... LOL.

    A Bientot. x

  11. WOW! My favorite color is red and these are some gorgeous prints in RED! Of course the aqua is wonderful too.

  12. Is it just me or does anyone else want to mix the colorways together?

  13. ohhhh I am going for the teal, gray and whitel- drooling.....

  14. Is it more of a blue-aqua or a green-aqua? I'm thinking the "Wired" in tears might be perfect for some light and airy curtains in our living room!

  15. All those colors are making my mouth water!

  16. Awesome,aqua and red are calling me....

  17. Gorgeous! But how eerie, the radio station I lhave on here, plays hits from previous years and they were playing " Rendezvous" :0

  18. Wow - this is fabulous! the grey and red is just beautiful!

  19. I haven't seen a White on White that I like in a long time...I really like that one!

  20. Beautiful fabrics! So rich looking!

  21. she has done gone and done it again. Made me buy yet more fabric...sigh....I am so in love with this

  22. I love the red and grey together.


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