Happy Monday

Monday, October 3, 2011
Hi Everyone,

This is what I worked on this weekend.

It is the Bunting / Banner panel from Delighted. It was a stunt sewing project for Amanda for her launch party in SLC so I have to get it in the mail to her. I just have 3 more medallion, ribbon, button combos to do.

What did you do this weekend?

New fabric coming today (I think) Rendezvous from Khristian A. Howell and Anthology. I think it is so elegant and different.

I just had to share the new little faces that were born to Harbor House at Heartline in Haiti this week...

How precious is that? I could just eat 'em up :)

Talk soon!
19 comments on "Happy Monday"
  1. Cute banner and even cuter babies!

  2. Those babies are precious! Love Rendevous :) I worked on my daughter's halloween costume - it is coming together nicely!

  3. Absolutely precious. I am packing up my fabrics for donation as I read this post!

  4. I FINALLY started my bunting project this weekend, too! I want to make one for each of the big holidays, and now I've got triangles cut out for Christmas, fall/Thanksgiving, Halloween, and all the patriotic holidays. Can't wait to put them all together! :)

  5. Oh, they're so cute!! Gorgeous fabric - love the teal!

  6. I am really liking rendezvous. For some reason it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I have no idea why. Unfortunately I didn't work on anything sewing related this weekend. Hopefully this week I can get some stuff done :) Happy Monday to you!

  7. We did outside fall stuff this weekend! itching to sew. Cute babies and sweet banner! :)

  8. I love the bunting! You did superbly!

  9. You should have posted a CUTE ALERT!

  10. Love the bunting---and the baby pics are adorable!

  11. Too precious...completely edible. Love your delighted bunting!

  12. Those babies are adorable and the banner is very cute.

    This weekend I only did the Christmas quilt along redwork from sewhappy.me

  13. Hard call which is cuter? Babies or bunting!

  14. Your bunting looks great, and I love those teal roses. Tone on tone gets me every time, it looks so elegant.

  15. those babies are adorable. I have no desire for any more children but I think I would bring those home.

  16. Ack! Fabric and babies... sensory overload! So lovely!

  17. Such a cute bunting. I love the details. Great job.

  18. Such sweet little babies! I did a craft fair this weekend - I'm still feeling a little wiped out from it!

  19. Love the reds in this collection, and those babies are so adorable!


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