Winner winner chicken dinner

Saturday, October 8, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Yay... I get to pick the winner of the Delighted Giveaway. A Rolie Polie from me, and a 10" stacker and 5" stacker from Amanda. You lucky dogs!

Mr. Random was kind to me this time. I only have to count to 22 :) And number 22 is

Peach Rainbow said...
Love the Terrain Quilt & the pendants you have made :D
Thanks for the giveaway!

Yay! Peach Rainbow I will be emailing you. Thanks to everyone that entered it was so much fun hearing from you all!

Now go forth and sew!

Talk Monday!
13 comments on "Winner winner chicken dinner"
  1. Congratulations Peach Rainbow!!!
    ....maybe next time.....

  2. Congratulations to Peach Rainbow! This is the cutest picture - fabric on a cake plate - yes, it's that good!

  3. Congratulations Peach Rainbow!

  4. Ooh congratulations Peach Rainbow. You are very lucky. Have lots of fun with that gorgeous fabric.

  5. hmmmm....winner, winner chicken dinner....I think I have heard that somewhere before ;0

  6. Congratulations to Peach Rainbow. BTW the composition of the fabric picture is great.

  7. Hello there. Congrats to Peachie. Envious! carrie

  8. Thank you so much Julie & Amanda!

    And thank you all too & wish you all the best in the other giveaways ;D

  9. Congratulations to Peach Rainbow! I have come over to say HI!:)and was sent by Melissa at Bitter Sweet! and I'd like to say thank-you for your giveaways of lovely fabric too!


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