Rest in Peace iMAN

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Mr. Jobs you will be missed!
8 comments on "Rest in Peace iMAN"
  1. The man was a visionary, whose very ideas changed our lives. I remember feeling a similar sadness when Jim Henson died. He will most definitely be missed.

  2. I didn't realize he was that sick, knew he had stepped down because of illness. I do hope that they continue to follow his dreams for apple products and they don't turn into another computer business.


  3. He was certainly a visionary and yes he will be missed.

  4. He changed all of our lives - a great loss. So few of us actually make a difference in this world but he excelled! RIP Steve. And thank you so much.x

  5. yes he will. Such a huge loss.

  6. Indeed, I have some of the innovative products from his legendary company. I use them almost daily.
    RIP Sir Steve!

  7. Yes, a sad day. I don't have EVERY i-product, but many of them. One quote in the newspaper said that Bill Gates will be remembered for his philanthropy, but Steve Jobs will be remembered for leading a revolution. That's pretty much what he did.


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