Cabana Blooms and Flock are here!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Two new collections are here but Summerlove won't be here until tomorrow... silly UPS

Cabana Blooms is so pretty... I want to get better pictures after the rain stops the greys and aquas are so clear and beautiful and so is the yellow. I wish there was feel-o-vision because the hand on this fabric is so nice.

I will have pictures of  Here is  Flock

9 comments on "Cabana Blooms and Flock are here!"
  1. OMG! Julie please stop with all these amazing collections! I just received my order -- Maya is even better in person!

  2. Wow! This fabric is marvelous. l can see so many projects here.

  3. Oh my! That Cabana Blooms is amazing! I'm going to have to get some for my new project!

  4. Bah! Always so tempting! i'm really digging Flock. Such fun colors!

  5. Hey now, look on the bright side, at least you get your fabric with instant gratification, because I work, I get a card left for me the day after they try to deliver it, which I don't get until I get home after they're closed, and then the day after that I have to walk up to the sorting office to pick it up. I ordered 3 things from the US on the one day, a couple of weeks ago, and had swap items coming in, so I'm on my 3rd trip up there this week already (because, of course, they don't all take the same amount of time to travel...)

    Still, I like the collections you have received :o)

  6. Oh Katy likes a moan!!
    I love those block stripes x

  7. I'm really lovin' on that Flock! Those prints and colors would make an awesome boys quilt! I have 4 boys, so I know how hard it is to find fabric that is good while they're young and as they grow. I think this one is right on for that!!

    Now I just need to save up my pennies...


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