Friday Fun Day...Giveaways Galore

Friday, March 16, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Can I admit that sometimes this business stresses me out? I was having one of those nights last night. But I woke up to the sweetest email from one of you and it totally made my morning and reminded me that I do this for fun, and friends, and pretty fabric... okay I admit it I still love to pet the fabric! If you are a Newsletter subscriber you got one in your inbox last night (or two) I got up at 3AM yesterday and by the time I had a minute to sit down and get the newsletter together I wasn't running on all cylinders so the first one I sent had some broken links. I had to send it again. I am sorry about that.

So to make up for it there are three giveaways you can enter today (just kidding I already had them scheduled :) So you can do some blog hopping today!

Melissa at Sew BitterSweet Designs  is giving away these pretties:
If you got the newsletter you can make the Apron she designed with them. They are also one of our daily deals today... on sale for just one day at 30% off MSRP (and you can use your coupon code with them for even bigger savings)

The girls over at Quilt Story have an entire fq bundle of Flock to give away:
This giveaway started yesterday but I didn't have a second to post about it.

Lastly but not leastly... Bente (a new international friend) has a charm pack of Vintage Modern to Giveaway and an adorable little hand made bag... don't miss it.

Flea Market Fancy will be in this afternoon. I will post on my facebook page an hour before I put what is left (after the pre-orders) up on the site so everyone will have a fair chance at it. It won't be before tomorrow evening Pacific time. I have the In-Laws coming from Canada tonight and our son's Birthday party with them tomorrow so I have lots to do :)
29 comments on "Friday Fun Day...Giveaways Galore"
  1. You are so generous with your giveaways Julie. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your in-laws and a great birthday celebration for your son! It is ok to be stressed! We all understand - you are positively wonderful!!!

  2. stress is so BLAH !!
    Hugs and hope your feeling much better.

  3. Take time to enjoy family and your sons birthday - they grow up so fast! Thanks for the giveaway and for constantly opening my eyes to all the great new fabric out there.

  4. That's a lot of awesome giveaways!!! It sounds like you are going to have a very fun and busy weekend!!! Hugs!!!

  5. Oh Julie - sorry you felt stressed yesterday! As Hadley says, enjoy your family. xx

  6. Thanks for the giveaways. Enjoy your family time!!

  7. Sorry you've had a stressy time, I hope it's better now?

  8. Wow, I am off to visit those blogs.

  9. the giveaways are great. I really want to sew on those fabrics. pick me please.

  10. Enjoy time out with family and friends. I can see sew many projects ahead of me, lovely fabrics.

  11. Don't party too hard tomorrow, or the FMF lynch mob will get ya ;o) Have fun with the out-laws and the boy!

  12. Take care and keep on doing what you do. I love the fabric!

  13. Have fun with your family and thanks for sponsoring such wonderful giveaways!

  14. No worries on the newsletter! It just meant I got to look at it twice. Sorry the biz is stressful for you! Like I say, I wish I lived close enough to come and help you cut! Hang in there!

  15. Enjoy your weekend! It's my sons birthday this weekend too :)

  16. Hope you have a great weekend! Especially with Canadians=) LOL
    Hope the stress diminishes... I think you are simply amazing by your generousity, savvy business skills and general sweetness you continue to exude. you inspire me daily! (esp your cleaning secret,which I now do every day too)

  17. Espero que vocĂȘ curta muito todos .Obrigado pela

  18. Happy Birthday to your son. Have fun with the inlaws.

    I was lucky enough to win 9 fat quarters of Flea Market Fancy a few weeks ago and then last weekend while at JoAnn fabrics I was extremely lucky and got more and those were at 50% off with my coupons. YAY. I was super excited.

    Thanks again for such awesome giveaways Julie.

  19. Awesome giveaways, as usual! Thanks for pointing us in the right direction...

  20. Great giveaway!
    Have a good time with your sun!
    Hugs from Brazil

  21. Thanks for all the Sponsoring and Supporting you do with giveaways with lots of different blogs. Your new site looks great! Congratulations!

  22. thanks for such a wonderful giveaway. You are such a generous person.

  23. Those giveaways make my mouth water, anything with aqua and light brown, how wonderful, would love to make anything any of them, will keep your site on my favorites, thanks touch more new fabric, its therapy

  24. Thank you for this great giveaway! Don't stress out, we love your blog! And I'm going to shop at your store now! :-)

  25. Take time to smell the fabric! LOL!


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