Playing with colors... a naming game.

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Hi Everyone,

When I was little I used to love to take all of my crayons out of the box and put them together in color order. I think I did it different every time. Light to dark or dark to light. Does that blue green go with the blues or the greens. Is magenta red or pink... on and on... so I guess that is why I like to take the fabrics off the shelves and do the same thing. Yesterday, I had a tiny little while when my work was done before I had to make dinner and I came up with these:

I am calling this one Crashing Waves (inspired by some pictures I took in Monterey on Erin's b-day):

This one is Tangerine Tango Too (more tangerine because I can't get enough of it):

This one is Fade To Black (lightest grey all the way to black):

I have thought of a few names for this one.... Teal Feathers (a play on tail feathers) is the best I have come up with. So I thought let's have a naming game. You tell me what you would call it and I will pick my favorite of the names. Whoever's name I like best will get a little prize. I have to put a time limit on it though so let's say Monday morning at 8 AM Pacific time. I will pick a winner then.

You know Teal, Turquoise, Aqua is my favorite color so there were a lot more I could have put in this bundle. There is an abundance of that color here :)

I hope you are having a colorific Saturday!
90 comments on "Playing with colors... a naming game."
  1. Tealicious!!!! *giggle*
    Have a wonderful weekend =D
    I LOVE the new bundles!!!

  2. I have a few:

    Teal We Meet Again (because it reminds me of a luxe, exotic getaway)

    Teal-riffic! (Because it is!!)

    Teal for Two (just 'cause)

  3. Wow - Sunnybec - great minds think alike and at the very same moment???

    Are you a "Becky", too? If so... this is very weird!

  4. Aqua-Fina or
    Aqua-Fresh or

  5. Completely another angle:
    "Aqua Docket"

  6. I have complete fabric envy!!!

    How bout' Aqua Doodles...

  7. Aquateal just me feel like I would when floating in a tranquil water under the sun. Relaxed.

  8. Mermaid aqua, I love it or Pigeon blue

  9. I refuse to use a color in mine. These colors remind me of the Gulf of Mexico on a clear day, so my vote is "Life's a Beach" :D

  10. So you got me thinking about crayons so I went to their website and looked up Teal. Did you know that it wasn't an official crayola color until 1990 and it replaced Lemon Yellow which was retired to the Crayola Hall of Fame :) Who knew there was a Crayola Hall of fame?? Random

    So onto some names. I liked

    Teals the Tops
    Salty Sea

  11. Temperamental Tealwinds

    Tempestuous Teals


  12. Oceans Edge
    Caribbean Dreams
    Aqua Frost
    Tantalizing Teal

    Sorry, couldn't stop once I got started. Teal/Aqua is my favorite colo also and this is such a beautiful combination. I am sooo envious.

  13. Oceans Thirteen was my first thought, like the films but much more interesting to he fabric obsessed like us ;)

  14. Now I'll be thinking of nothing but names for this group all day. Just one more and I promise I won't leave another one. :)

    Aqua Addiction

  15. Aqua Kiss
    Ocean of Teal
    Turquoise Waters

    Or how about just mine, mine, mine! What lovely bundles.I am so glad you have started mixing lines in color groups.

  16. Wow! Such pretty all of it! Here are a few names I thought of...

    Aqua Waves
    Two for Teal
    Teal Time
    Aqua Bliss

  17. What a gorgeous bundle!
    How about Tropical Diving, or Aqua Depths.
    Those colours look like tropical water going from shallow to deep - beautiful!

  18. Caribbean Delight. The colors remind me so much of the colors of the ocean in the Caribbean.

  19. Teal There Was You
    As sung by the Beatles (with apologies!)

    There were bells on a hill
    But I never heard them ringing
    No, I never heard them at all
    Teal there was you

    There were birds in the sky
    But I never saw them winging
    No, I never saw them at all
    Teal there was you

    Then there was music and wonderful roses
    They tell me
    in sweet fragrant meadows
    Of dawn and dew

    There was love all around
    But I never heard it singing
    No, I never heard it at all
    Teal there was you

    Then there was music and wonderful roses
    They tell me in sweet fragrant meadows
    Of dawn and dew

    There was love all around
    But I never heard it singing
    No, I never heard it at all
    Teal there was you
    Teal there was you

  20. Pacific Islands The fabrics reminded me of the islands.

  21. These are beautiful. I would call them Wading Pool.

  22. Tea-l-ishous or aqua-lishous because those colors are good enough to eat!

  23. I would simply call these:

    "A-bundle of Aqua"


  24. I thought perhaps
    Teal Twist

  25. It makes me think of the ocean and sea and all the different shades of blue that you see. I like "Shades of the Sea".

    (heck it even makes me think of the different shades of blue you see in Lake Tahoe) Tahoe Teal maybe?

  26. Darn that heartsease54, I was going to say Caribbean now I will say Azure Seas

  27. Key West Morn That is what it reminds me of, the gulf on one side and the ocean on the other and where they join is where I'll be Teal We Meet Again on another beautiful "Key West Morn"

  28. I think it looks like a blue lagoon, lighter close to the shore, then darker the farther out you go. Beautiful no matter what you name it! :)

    Sandy A

  29. My suggestion is Swimming Pool because that's what the fabrics remind me of.

  30. Bubblebath! ("Calgon, take me away!" totally pops into my head, but I didn't suggest it because of the product name.)

  31. Gulfstream -- that's what it reminds me of. Or Gulf Breezes. Sighhhhhh.

  32. Talk about Teal! That's my choice

  33. oh such pretty fabric groupings. love all those teal/aquas. I'd call it Sea Breeze. it reminds me of the color of the Caribbean water and warm air. :)

  34. How about Wheely Teal... sort of a play on Really Teal and most of your prints have roundish patterns. Have a blessed day, Kathy

  35. "Indoor Swimmingpool"
    Because the shades remind me of light dancing along the top of the water in an indoor swimming pool, graduating down through the fabrics to the colours of the shaded corners.

  36. "Mediterranean mist". It looks like refreshing sea mist that comes from the surf as waves crash against a tropical island!

  37. Oh, this is hard! How about 'Crest of a wave' or 'By the coast' or 'Cliff edge' or 'Sea spray' (because it reminds me of the waves hitting the cliffs/sea wall).

  38. Teal Kind of Day Bundle or
    Aqua Addiction Bundle or
    Big Blue Wonder bundle or
    Mermaid's Dream bundle

  39. I love coming up with names - the floodgates just open up once I get started.

    Wading Pool
    A Perfect Sky
    Let's Make A Teal
    I'd Rather Be Blue
    Remembering Your Blue Eyes
    Remembering Ol' Blue Eyes
    The Blues Are Good Thing
    Born To Be Blue

    I guess I'd better stop now.

  40. All those florals and dots got me thinking underwater so maybe something like "Mer-mountain" or even "Mermaid Mountain" because it's a mountain of fabric? and they have mountains under the sea, you know. I bet there are fields of underwater flowers much like those in the prints you chose. "Mermaid meadow" maybe?

  41. I thought of "dawn till dusk".

  42. I thought Aqua Dreaming, but I see someone else got something similar already, so all I can say is that it is beautiful. Perhaps

    Aqua dolce

    would do?

  43. Before I looked at the comments, the first thing that came to my mind was "Teal We Meet Again," too! LOL

    I sure love that tangerine grouping.

    We'll Be Teal?

  44. How about Ice Ice, Baby? Or Dawn of Aquarius... Age of Aquarius? Crystal Waters? Caribbean Breeze? Or what about something totally ridiculous, like "The Teal Bundle"... :)

  45. That stack looks just like an
    "Iceberg" in Alaska. Or maybe like the "Hydrangea" in my yard!

  46. Crystal Clear
    Crystal Waters
    Crystal Clear Waters

    I did have more, but the others are all taken! lol

  47. I'd call it Turquoise Temptations!!

  48. I love naming contests. So fun!
    Since you said Teal feather, that made me think of that oldies song. So one name I think of is:
    Shake your Teal feathers

    Others I thought of:
    Crystal Blue Persuasion (another song I love)
    Reflection in the fountain
    Wishing Fountain
    Coral Reef
    Scuba Divin'
    The Jellyfish Blues
    Lady Sings the Blues
    Rejuvination Springs
    Lady of the Lake

    That's about all I have for now.

  49. If you flip it upside down, it would be "rising moon"- I also thought of "i spy clouds" and "Summer days twilight"

  50. This fabric is so beautiful. Very calming.

    Peace and Calming
    Hawaiian Mist

  51. Have you ever been to/seen Havasupai? The water is exactly that color. Here's a link if you haven't seen it:

    So one thought I had was Havasu Falls.

    But it also reminds me of my honeymoon in the Caribbean, so how about Caribbean Honeymoon? Or Nassau?

    Whatever you name it, I love it!

  52. Those beauties look like "teal treasures" to me

  53. "Seafoam at Sunset" - I love the darker teals - And Oh My Goodness - if you added some firey oranges....

  54. Paradise Cove. It reminds me of a beautiful peaceful cove somewhere in the Caribbeans. Just gorgeous.

  55. Bluesy morning -- feels like jazz!

  56. Haunauma Bay! Looks like the water at fantastic snorkeling spot here in East Oahu!amorbis torco

  57. Julie Has the Blues


    Julie Sings the Blues

  58. anonymous that said Julie has the blues was ME

    my finger slipped and went to the anonymous choice as I hit enter. ugh

  59. How about "Azure Escape"? This bundle feels very exotic to me. :)

  60. How about Tropical Tides?? Makes me want to sip some rum mon.

  61. Where the ocean meets the sky.

  62. What lovely cool colours!! I'm totally on the water theme too - instant thoughts of cool calm water

    Blue Lagoon
    Sparkling Pool
    Cool Aqua Nights
    Paradise Blues
    Tropical Waters

  63. Such a fun contest - I love reading all the suggestions in the comments!

    The first thing that came to mind for me was (Paul) "Newman's Eyes" but I wasn't sure if it's okay to use a celebrity's name in the title...

    My other suggestion is "Tealed with a Kiss"

    Looking forward to seeing other color combinations in your store - these are gorgeous!

  64. Tealtime or time for teal, a play of tea time. I was thinking of spring and a tea party on the grass and what a darling tablecloth or lawn quilt those fabric would make. You groups look choice.

  65. What fun & creative names!

    How 'bout:
    Turquoise in Paradise
    Blue Heaven
    Aqua Surrender
    I've Got the Blues
    Serenity in Teal

  66. I'll throw
    Song of the Sea
    Whale of a Tale
    When the shark bites

    in the ring...just because I love the fact that your bundle has aqua, teal, petrol and blue hues in it...just like the sea (anyone spot the Bobby Darin connection?)

    Let's go sailing!

  67. How about Azure Isle.

  68. jyturriondobeitia@yahoo.comMarch 25, 2012 at 7:59 PM

    Mermaid's Delight! The colors are beautiful and remind me of the darkest deep sea blue to the shimmery water at the surface of a wave straight to the summer sky--gorgeous. :)

  69. OK, here goes...



    Just love these colors!

  70. Teal-tilating
    Teal Delight
    Teal Tomorrow

  71. I have one more suggestion......
    "By the Sea"

  72. Sew Aqua
    though probably too late to enter


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