Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Hi Everyone,

First of all if you didn't see this because I added it so late last night... FLOCK

I love Thomas' designs :)

Anyway, I don't really want Mr. UPS to go down. I don't wish that on anyone. I am just not enjoying our new Mr. UPS he doesn't take pride in his job like old Mr. UPS did. New Mr. UPS does not even knock or ring the doorbell when he drops things off. So sometimes they stay outside half the day before I discover them. (because I don't always get a notice that something is coming or not coming) Sometimes it is raining and new Mr. UPS doesn't put them on the porch like old Mr. UPS did ... he puts them where the rain gathers in a puddle (thank heaven for plastic wrapped bolts). I used to get photos the same day that a collection came in but now it has to be the next day because by the time I discover it is here it is getting dark out.

I have noticed this trend for a few years now. So few people do the best job they can anymore because it is a source of pride. Now they do what they have to and no more. That is only if it doesn't interfere with whatever else they want to do.

Hmm no more grumpies... except this little one... if you have been waiting for Groovin' (I know there was one of you) please stop waiting it isn't coming. Northcott decided not to print the blue colorway and didn't bother to tell me. So I thought it was a month late but found out that it isn't coming at all. Oh well, more money for other stuff :)

Oops forgot to mention Good Fortune is on sale today here.

Woot Summerlove today! I need some Summerlove with the rain... LOL I shouldn't complain I think this is the first rain we have had all year LOL

Talk soon!
18 comments on "DOWN WITH THE UPS"
  1. so sad about the UPS guy! that's a shame when they don't measure up... i'm LOVING Flock! in fact, i just sent my bro the link in the hopes he might buy some for me for my birthday in a few weeks. haha. i'm cheeky! :)

  2. Bummer about Mr. UPS guy. Maybe you need bake him some cookies! Make him happier then maybe he'll make the extra effort... I don't know. Maybe he's just grumpy!

  3. So you really mean Down with the new UPS driver. hehe I used to have a very friendly Postman but he must have retired because now I don't even have a regular Postal person and I never know when my mail is going to be delivered.
    I love the colors of the fabric, absolutely breathtaking.

  4. We have the same problem with our UPS man. My only consolation is that we at least have honest neighbors who don't pilfer packages off our front porch. I would file a complaint - especially since this is your business he is impacting and that's not right! So sad to hear about Groovin :( I was really looking forward to that collection. Oh well :( Lucky for me you carry just about every other collection I am lusting after!

  5. What IS with that? I am afraid that it will only get worse... people get pay cuts etc. while their bills remain... maybe people are just over whelmed and it is reflected in their work?

  6. Our UPS deliveries are the same way. Maybe it is a new company policy. At least, I have to use the front door to come in, or we would never think to check.
    I love Flock! I am going to have to get some of the birds.

  7. I fully understand the grumpies, totally right - how much more effort is it to leave a package on the porch!! Don't even get me started about the time they left a slip saying it had been taking in by a house across the street when no one was even living there!!!
    LOVE the summerlove line :)

  8. My UPS guy won't even attempt to come in my driveway allll winter! It would require him to possibly need to chain up. I'm not sure what he does at other addresses in this town during the winter. :S

  9. Any chance Mr Nice UPS is just away on holiday and will be back soon? Mr New UPS sounds like he'll need a lot of training ;o)

  10. I think he must be a cousin of our postie :o/ Good luck training him up/complaining!

  11. I feel for you! My mail is damaged just about every day. I had to file a claim with the post office recently for a destroyed envelope containing a quilting pattern. The post office was great about dealing with it, however my maillady has not been. She had the gaul to tell my husband off the other day and complain that the damaged mail was our fault for having a top-loading mailbox. Sigh!

  12. You need to email or call. I had similar problems with my mailman. I would be on the other side of the door and wouldnt even get a knock. And the mail as stuffed-bet ripped etc. A little squeaking gets the grease. That kind of delivery by a UPS man is unacceptable.

  13. Well, that is not nice at all.
    Lovely fabrics though.

  14. I also hate how service takes a back seat anymore with some companies. Was Summerlove going to be in a bundle pack or am I missing it on your pack? I did see the individual fabrics (which I love)

  15. I do a lot of mailing getting and sending so I completely understand. I had a package delivered at 9:30p.m. one night and didn't discover it until the next morning. I heard noises outside, but didn't bother to look. On the other side there still are those few that make the extra effort so I try to make an extra effort to thank them for it by letting their bosses know and doing nice things for them.

  16. So true about work ethic. So many people simply don't care anymore and I think it is because we are so spoiled.

  17. I think he's related to our UPS man here in Maryland. Our Mr. UPS man refuses to ring the bell, even though I have a sign that reads, "Please ring the bell on ALL deliveries." He also has trouble reading that red looking hexagon sign at the intersection..hmmm..the one that has those confusing letters....let's see. There's an S, and then a T, and an O, and oh, yeah, it ends in a P. Perhaps if I publish some of the video of his driving habits on youtube and email it UPS, that will be more effective than hiring a tutor in reading for him.

  18. I hear you on the pride thing. It's so frustrating sometimes.


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