Peak Hour is here!

Saturday, March 24, 2012
ooops I forgot to mention... the cutest boy fabric ever is here in the shop:

It is hard to pick a favorite print but the Newspaper Ads are right up there for sure!
16 comments on "Peak Hour is here!"
  1. No one has been showing this and it's THE CUTEST BOY FABRIC EVER! If I only know that grandbaby arriving in October was going to be a boy.....

  2. Forget calling this "boy fabric" this is cute, unqualified, for everyone. <3

  3. so cute. I love the newsprint, too

  4. So cute! Riley Blake is rockin' the boy fabric lately.

  5. OK, I have seen MAYBE one boy fabric that I liked better, but I'm kindof a sucker for black. You're right - that newspaper print is sooooooooo great! Very unique. yay for new fun fabrics!!!!

  6. Oh, that all looks wonderful, especially the newsprint!!

  7. Very cute! I love the ad fabric too! MY FMF arrived yesterday (along with my Verona). Thank you so much!

  8. It`s very nice,also for a girl!

  9. Oh I've been following the development of this one with interest. :) She's so talented! And an Aussie. :)

  10. do you have 1/2 yard bundles in just one colourway?

    I cant decide what I want to do- but I dont need the whole collection

  11. Why oh why did I give up buying fabric for lent?? This is just too tempting!

  12. OK Seriously Jewel -- I just figured out that this is you. I think you made the switch when I was in one of my non-sewing (probably first trimester?) days... Love your shop! And hi again!

  13. You are so right! This is the cutest! Oh, when will they tell me there's a grand on the way???!!!LOL


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