I'm in love! Maya and Fruit Slice are here...

Thursday, March 8, 2012
OMGoodness you guys... These two knock my socks off... but honestly just feast your eyes on Maya!

Isn't she gorgeous! The manufacturer's pictures don't do her justice at all! She is so yummy!!! I love the dreamy aqua mixed with the hot bright reds and gold... gorgeous gorgeous!

And of course Fruit Slice is Awesome! Khristian Howell never lets me down. Couldn't you just take a bite out of it? Oh this would make a great picnic quilt too! Decisions! Decisions!
10 comments on "I'm in love! Maya and Fruit Slice are here..."
  1. Both are awesome. I'm really loving Fruit Slice! You are so dangerous for me!

  2. Oh my....love Maya....COME ON PAY DAY!!! lol

  3. Knew it would be more gorgeous fabric today!

  4. oh drool! I'll take that one and that one and......

  5. Love love love those two bundles!!!! I love the new blog design too Julie =D

  6. Oh Wow!! I need some of this!!!!!
    Like your new page too.

  7. Oh my! They are so so very lovely. When is my tax return coming in...I NEED to go SHOPPING!!!

  8. Beautiful way to start the day with some eye candy. Great colors for a picnic quilt, I agree. Love your new blog design! Have a great weekend!

  9. I love the new lines! I have my shopping cart ready to check out but I just opened a new bank account and the pay pal confirmation deposits have not shown up yet. How long will the 10 percent discount be good for?

  10. My order of Maya arrived today. It is every bit as gorgeous as you described! Thanks for your speedy, friendly service!


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