Another Sneaker Peeker...,

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Hi Everyone,

The Newsletter comes out this weekend... Uh Oh I guess I better start writing it huh?

This is another sweet tutorial you don't want to miss. My sweet friend Sally has made this little beauty up for you to try your hand at... ahhh Wrenly I love you so. Here is something else you should know about Sally, she is doing a giveaway and she has her own newsletter you can subscribe to. So go over to her blog and tell her I sent you.

Taza will be here Monday... this is such a gorgeous group:

Last night I cut out my next two FWQAL blocks and started sewing them so I will actually have something with my stitches in it to show you tomorrow (if I have to stay up until all hours to get it done).

Have a wonderful Thursday.... see you back here for Friday Fun Day.

Talk soon.
10 comments on "Another Sneaker Peeker...,"
  1. I love, love Wrenly!! This is such a cute project!
    Can't wait to see more of your FW blocks. Don't forget...your very own design wall is waiting for you! :)
    Jacque in SC

  2. Oh yum! The quilting around the Wrenly bird is so sweet! Looking forward to the newsletter but get some sleep... btw, you have lovely friends. :)

  3. Remind me again why I didn't care for Taza???
    Love, love Sally's project - amazing!!

  4. I love the fabric she used for the bird. I do have some nice prints and next time I do a bird, I will have to try some of those.


  5. I can't wait for the newsletter!! There are going to be so many great projects!!! I love Sally's mini quilt =D

    I know what i'll be ordering on Monday!!!!! =D

  6. Oh, how precious! I am so envious!

  7. That is sooo cute! Great job Sally! And good for you for getting her to do it for you!

  8. Ohhhh girl, thanks for the shout out! I am in love with that fabric, too!! and I'm sooo jealous that you have found a little time to do FWQAL...I have the book and the fabric and the quilt plan just waiting for me to get off of my bohiney and do them!! :) Can't wait for your newsletter!! yay!!

  9. I am falling in love with Wrenly. I got a piece of it when I was at Gruber's, but didn't realize that's what it was. Love what Sal did!

  10. I love birds, so naturally, Wrenly is a favorite fabric line. Love this wall hanging - very cute!!


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