A winner, 69 new fabrics....and a Pinnie

Saturday, July 23, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Heirloom and Pernilla's Journey came yesterday:
This picture cannot convey the total invasion... I have 1/3rd more fabric than I had before it came. Heirloom is way more gorgeous then even I expected it to be and Pernilla's Journey has detail...oh so amazing...

My new friend Jennifer is a huge Joel Dewberry fanatic and she couldn't wait another second to come over and make her hand picked selections... she was so sweet and brought me this adorable new Pinnie:

She made it out of felted sweaters and even put purple pins in it... it matches my logo... so sweet!

Okay I know all you really wanted to know what who won the giveaway:

Mr. Random said:

And #34 was:

Heather A said...

Oh, my Lord! I can't believe what you had to endure! I'm SO glad yours turned into a happy story because, after all, happiness is the best revenge. But still, there must have been some days ... oh my! Talk about stress. I'm glad those days are over for you.

I seem to be especially smitten with Taza by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabrics. July! That's NOW!

I will be emailing Heather... I also promise never to tell my life story in a giveaway post again... LOL I really was not looking for sympathy I am so happy now and way better off than I would have been had this all not happened. I love my life and it is amazing and wonderful and all I do is count my blessings now... no sadness on my behalf please!
11 comments on "A winner, 69 new fabrics....and a Pinnie"
  1. Your Pinnie is soooo cute!!!! What an adorable little gift!!!!

    hehehehehe...look at that sea of fabrics...Wow!!! I hope you are taking it easy today. Hugs!!!

    And Jennifer...I'm so jealous you got to see the fabric in person!! I was teasing Julie that I would be knocking at her door yesterday if I lived nearby!!!

  2. Oh my oh my oh my! That fabric is beautiful! Joel Dewberry just knocks my socks off.

  3. That fabric is gorgeous! I also received a new pin cushion this morning; a gorgeous felt cupcake, they're such great presents to receive! It can't just be me that thinks apron (pinny) not pin cushion whenever they read or hear 'pinnie'...can it?! It's caused quite a lot of confusion in my brain in recent weeks!) Congratulations to Heather!

  4. Congrats to Heather A!!! lucky lucky lucky!!
    That fabric oh my goodness!! its like the end of the rainbow!!!

  5. Congratulations Heather!
    Maybe next time.......
    Great new fabrics Julie!

  6. I think I would have had two nights of little sleep - one of anticipation and one wonderment and planning. So, sew pretty!

  7. wow, that is a lot of gorgeous fabric on your hands there!!
    and that pinnie, so cute! i just checked Betz Whites book out from the library about felting...now i really want to make one too!

  8. Your stock all looks amazing and you look about buried in it... what a great dream! And your friend is such a sweetie for such a lovely gift. :)

    Never feel bad about telling your life story. I think it was very inspiring. Most people feel the worst when they feel that there is no hope and it will always be bad for them. Your story shows it that it doesn't last forever, you went from every wife & mother's nightmare to living a dream, you sound completely happy now. Not to mention it helps us to get to know the woman who's blog we follow. I'm grateful that you shared and never thought for a moment that you were fishing for sympathy.

  9. Beautiful fabrics and what a cool pinnie!

  10. Mmm, yum!! One of each of those please, lol!! What gorgeous fabric. Enjoy!

  11. One VERY tickled HEATHER here! What fabulous fabrics to win. I already have quilt plan in my head for these cute fabrics. For a new baby expected to arrive in September.

    Thanks so much, Julie. And I'm so glad yours has turned into a happy story.


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