Happy Monday, More FWQAL, and Source For Inspiration

Monday, July 18, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I made 6 blocks over the weekend in an effort to catch up on the FWQAL:

Farmer's Wife Block #7

Farmer's Wife Block #8

Farmer's Wife Block #9

Farmer's Wife Block #10

Farmer's Wife Block #11

Farmer's Wife Block #12
 Now I think I just have to do 4 this week to be caught up to the rest of the group... I am really enjoying making these especially with my new old machine :)

Since I showed you all this:

I have had a lot of requests for tutorials and the like. I would so love to do that, unfortunately I learned this in a class and the person I learned from only had one stipulation, that we not teach others. She said we can sell what we make with her techniques but not teach because that is what she does. I totally respect that. So if you want to take her class here is a link:  http://christytomlinson.typepad.com/christytomlinson/workshops.html

I also wanted to give you a free source of inspiration, I know sometimes it is hard to come up with a few extra dollars to do something that you might not even like once you start... I like to save my money for fabric too :) ... so please check out one of the most creative women I have ever seen.... (okay you scrapbookers already know her I am sure) Her name is Donna Downey and she is really amazing. High energy and so much fun to watch. On her blog (at the link) you will find a link on the left side to Inspiration Wednesdays, every Wednesday she does a video post with some piece of art she works on... it will give you so many ideas... once she did a whole week full and I watched everyday. I find inspiration for sewing everywhere and this is no exception. As with anything enter this world at your own risk... it is an expensive hobby :)

So why is it happy Monday?

Because I found out that Heirlooma nd Pernilla's Journey will be here on Friday... yay! So many pretty fabrics.
Have a great day!

Talk soon...
13 comments on "Happy Monday, More FWQAL, and Source For Inspiration"
  1. your Farmers blocks look great! those little triangles are not for me, but I love seeing all the blocks everyone is making!! and I love your erin McMorris blocks!

    oooh, lots of good stuff in the shop!!

  2. I love your FW blocks. Your fabric choices are just delightful.

    Donna's blog looks exciting. Thanks for the link.

  3. Good Morning Julie! You're blocks are looking so so good! I really like #7 and #9.

    Did someone say Heirloom?!?!!??! : )

  4. I think the fabric you are using for the FW blocks is perfect!

  5. Love those colors = ) you were busy this weekend!
    The Pernilla's Journey is adorable and fun!!

  6. Yay for Friday!! :)

    I think I've narrowed it down to a set of 13 FQs and another set of 12FQs... some narrowing haha ;-)

  7. Oh my goodness!! Your FW blocks are so pretty!! You've been busy =D

  8. Your FWQAL blocks looks so fresh and vibrant with the fabrics you've chosen. A much different look from the originals but just beautiful!

  9. Loving the look of your FWQAL blocks!
    Looking forward to drooling over Pernilla's Journey too :)

  10. You have been a block making fanatic lately, good for you! And they all look great. And thanks for the art links, I'm thinking about taking one of those classes. I'm started to get interested in art journalling and this may be a good next step for me. Beautiful work!

  11. Not sure how I missed this post. I'm thinking (very hard!) about enrolling in Christy's class, as these canvases would make awesome Christmas gifts! Did you take the class in person or online? :)

  12. I still haven't signed up for the Christy Tomlinson class. But I did just get Donna Downey's video on the Pan Pastels. Did you see that? I love her blog, too. She is totally creative and awesome.


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