Summer Camp for Us!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Hi Everyone,

If you love fun projects and creative genius you probably already know about The Quilted Fish (actually if you have been around my blog for more than 5 minutes you know about her too) Amanda has been at it again! She has created a super fun project for all of us to join in:

You know you want to go. Don't worrry no backpack, sleeping bag, or campfire making skills required. Instead we are going to be making a craft project that is so adorable you won't believe it! G*lamps .. that is a Glam Lamp like these cute things:

Head on over to Amanda's blog and check it out. You don't want to miss out, I promise.

One more thing... this afternoon Farm Fresh will be hitting my shop... it is so stinkin' cute I just had to mention it.

See you tomorrow with my "C" blocks :)

Talk Soon!
8 comments on "Summer Camp for Us!"
  1. Oh my that is so much more then stinkin' cute! Love the blue fabric. I might have to convince the hubby that I need that for something.

  2. That farm fabric is so cute! Might have to add a FQ to my wishlist :)

    Do you have an ETA for Heirloom?

  3. Those look fun and easy to do.


  4. This would be so fun! I am heading over to take a peek! thanks!

  5. The first pattern I ever bought was The Quilted Fish's "Queen of the Party" pattern (I do believe I was the envy of all the mom's at the party). Hmmm.... I so want to get the "Piece and Quiet Children's Activity Book" and don't you think Farm Fresh would be a great thing to use in it?!?!

  6. Those are such cute farm animals!!! They are going on my list... :)


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