Do you Flickr?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I felt positively not myself yesterday without a blog post :)
I know you saw this pillow. I made it for one of my must not miss swaps on Flickr. Do you ever swap on Flickr? I was speaking with one of the fabric reps the other day and she didn't know Flickr I was a bit surprised. Here are a few of my favorite swap groups (The ones I won't miss for anything.)

This is the Pillow I received from the latest round of The Pillow Talk Swap this is a group of hugely talented people that swap pillow covers on a regular basis. Some of the pillows in this group are true works of art.

UHG Main Item

This is the last item I sent off for  The Urban Home Goods Swap.

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap Package

This is what I sent for The Scrappy Mug Rug Swap. (her favorite color is orange)

My lovely Package!
And this is what I received.

So tell me... do you Flickr?

Talk soon :)
15 comments on "Do you Flickr?"
  1. After I set up blog posts and read the ones I follow, there's just no more computer time left - life calls. I do have a Flickr account but rarely log on. I also have so many UFOs that I don't do many swaps.

  2. Oh I love Flickr, but I don't use it for swaps. I've never done one before! They look like fun ...but WOW! after seeing what you have given and received in swaps, I don't think I'm skilled enough to join lol!!

  3. LOVE that little apples pillow you made! Was this just improve or did you have a pattern?

    Jealous that you got in on the pillow talk swap - I keep trying but its always full. O well, I have too much to do anyway :-p

    I recently joined the 4x5 Bee and the For the Love of Solids swap on Flikr - I def. love Flikr but its super addicting!

  4. Heard of it, but have never used it or been to the site.

  5. Love Flickr! It is a vast wonderland of quilty eye candy!

  6. I do like to browse Flickr but never added anything.. boy oh boy I would of loved to been your swap partner!!! the pillows are adorable!

  7. I love Flickr. I joined 2 bees on flickr and the pretty {little} pouch swap. Love it.

  8. Well of course! It's awesome!!

  9. I'm a relative newbie to Flickr but I love it - there's a lovely quilty community on there. The only problem is there's so much to see I get quilt overload after a while! I haven't swapped on Flickr...yet!

  10. I'm not very good at Flickr, not the uploading part or using - I just forget about it.
    I absolutely love the tree mugrug you made - it's made of awesome!

  11. Not yet, but I'm going to have to check it out now!

  12. I love flickr, I try and post all my finished works up there, but also use it for inspiration and motivation! Never taken part in any swaps on there - are they simple to find?

  13. I haven't, as yet but maybe down the road. What great inspiration, not sure I feel worthy of doing it at this point. It may be something like taking music lessons as a child, I wouldn't practice unless I had a lesson to practice for - it is always easier to justify the time/effort when doing it for someone else (even though it is the opposite really).

  14. I'm dipping my toe into Flickr right now. I haven't participated in any bees or swaps that organized on Flickr, though I'd like to in the future.

  15. Pretty neat stuff...both sent and received! I have not done a swap like that yet....


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