A Sneaker Peeker

Monday, July 25, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Here is a sneaker peeker of just one of Brooke's tutorials that will be in my newsletter this month. Isn't she the bomb? I mean really? Don't miss signing up for the newsletter (in the upper right hand corner of the blog) if you don't want to miss out on this and a few other things up my sleeve. As always it will be out the last day of the month.

I got no sewing done this weekend. I was totally bombarded with orders and some of the bolts of Pernilla's Journey are more than half gone already. This fabric is so amazing in person. It is so soft and drapey that it feels more like lawn or voile than quilting cotton. It is amazing! I need to take more pictures of it. Sometimes I completely mis-judge what people are going to buy and this is one of those times. I guess because the green and black are the ones I love I thought everyone would... but I think I sold more of the Chocolate over the weekend. The pink elephants are more than half gone already so I might have to see if I can order another bolt... they are so stinkin' cute!

Heirloom is gorgeous as we all knew it would be and it has almost a linen feel to it... smashing!

Sorry for all of the wordiness today... Have a great Monday!

Talk Soon.
8 comments on "A Sneaker Peeker"
  1. Brooke is totally the bomb! Glad to hear you've been busy :) It's always a good thing with an etsy shop.

  2. Great looking pillow - and I can tell you're just in love with that new fabric! Glad to hear it's selling so well. Maybe a sample of something made up in the green would kick start those sales?

  3. I saw that pillow in Brooke's Etsy shop! I just love it!!!!!

    I'm making myself nuts trying to pick fabric lol. It's all so pretty!!!!

    I can't wait for the Newsletter =D

  4. No reason to apologise for the wordiness, I enjoy reading your blog daily - so happy the shop is going well for you! Looking forward to the newsletter. :)

  5. Hey, don't stress - some of us are just born to be verbose, right? I know I was....love the pillow - can't wait for the newsletter!
    Jacque in SC

  6. yikes! Can't believe the fabric is selling so fast - hopefully there is some Heirloom left at the end of the month :)

    Looking forward to your newsletter and this cool pillow tutorial!

  7. I wish I could buy it all...lol...and as soon as I get done with these purses I'm making I want to try my hand at a pillow or two :)

  8. I am so happy for you that you are busy, busy, busy and that fabric is flying out your door.


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