The Big Sale

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I am having a big pre-market sale this weekend starting today and going through Sunday at 9 PM US Pacific Time. It is 20% off ...  Here are the two rules of the sale (sorry but I had to make just these two rules)

1. Minimum yardage during the sale is 1/2 yd you can still get fat quarter bundles though.

2. You have to be a little more patient for shipping. Normally I ship the same day or at the most the next day but the sale will make things a little slower. Just remember it is just me doing all of the cutting, folding and wrapping :) I will ship all orders in the order they are received and as fast as I possibly can. They will all go out before I leave for Market. I promise :)

During the sale I will have very little time to update inventory (the website handles it fairly well) so I might run out of something before I am able to pull it from the site. Please be sure to read any correspondance from me that says "About your order" in the title.

Also this means I will be away from the computer a lot so if you email with a question it might take me a little longer than normal to answer. I promise I will answer though.

Those of you that have a problem reaching the website are in luck I have activated the coupon code on the Etsy shop, as well, so you can get it there :) Please, if you can get to the website use the website it saves me money and allows me to offer these good deals to you.

Eep let the games begin. The Coupon Code is MARKET20
8 comments on "The Big Sale"
  1. Hugs!!!! Thank you Julie!!!
    Can you hear all my clicking? That's me picking out fabric =P

  2. woohoo! good luck julie, hope you make it out unscathed - my order was placed!!

  3. Happy Days - Thank you sooo much!

  4. Thank you sweetie! I'm off to shop!

  5. Yeaaaaaah wooohooo, Intrepid Thread rocks! Got my order in :-)


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