Happy Market Week Monday!

Monday, May 14, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I can't believe just two days left before I have to get up and get on a plane. I only have Tuesday to get any errands done because I have to finish up the sale stuff today. Adrianne and I are going to try to do a bit of blogging while we are there so we might hit the 500th post before I get back :)

Alpine Wonderland is here. I posted it in the shop over the weekend but didn't have a chance to get pictures for the bundles until yesterday.

Isn't it the cutest? I will have the bundles listed in the shop in a little while. Just a warning though I won't be able to ship until I get back from Market. I just won't have time to get it cut and shipped before I go.

My friend Ruth from the BAMQG told me I needed to take a picture of my front hallway to prove that you really can't walk in there and therefore I need to have sales to reduce my inventory. You see she has been here and knows it is true. I always forget... so here it is after I did some creative shifting and before the sale this weekend:

As you can see there is just a small walkway to get into the shop room here and you kind of had to turn sideways to get to the rest of the house :)

And here it is after the sale. Yay so tidy and organized. And this is even after another collection came in. This is just the overflow area by the way I also have a wall of shelves and 6 more boxes in the shop room.

Now you get to see the less tidy ... erm hurricane hit (sale) shop room... because I want you to see just some of the packages that are going out today. (I still have a bit more to cut and pack up)

Thank you to Jennifer D. for coming over yesterday to help me wrap and pack. (those are my personal stash shelves :) )The other side of the room has 8' tall shelves almost wall to wall.

Rhapsodia bundles sold out in the sale but it has already been re-ordered as have the fabrics in Maureen's bundle from Friday so if you are looking for those they will be back when I get back from Market. Nightshade will be here today.... I think :) I also think Wrenly Christmas will be here by the end of the week. Lots of fun stuff coming.

See ya soon :)

26 comments on "Happy Market Week Monday!"
  1. HAHA!!! I love that you shared pictures of your hallway!! I know we've talked about the lack of space, but now I've seen the lack of space =P
    I love Alpine Wonderland!! I'll be snatching up some of those bundles!!
    Have fun at Market!!!!

  2. Oh, I would LOVE to have that hallway bursting with fabric!!! I am with Sasha...love the Alpine Wonderland line. Hope Market is wonderful!

  3. Alpine Wonderland is fabulous! Hope you have a blast and enjoy Market! Be safe!

  4. I have to say that I am a little jealous at all of the fabric that you have. The new line you have in is awesome. In my opinion it is the best holiday fabric that I have seen yet.

  5. what fun to see all those fabrics when they first arrive. Have fun at Market

  6. Love the hallway!!! Have so much fun at Market!!! Soak it all in for all of us that were wishing we were there with you :)

  7. Wow! I can totally see why you needed to have the sale! Glad it was such a good one for you! Can't wait to hear all about Market! I hope you have lots of fun!

  8. I purchased some Alpine Wonderland from you this past weekend. There was no use trying to resist. Next up nightshade. Travel safely to market.

  9. I would think that I was in heaven if all that fabric surrounded me!! Thanks for sharing these snaps!

  10. Goodness me, that's quite a collection of bolts!! Alpine Wonderland looks lovely - have a great time at Market!

  11. Wow, I don't know how you manage. I would be overwhelmed!

  12. Aproveite bem o mercado.Vendo suas fotos eu entendo o que o meu pai dizia:Sucesso antes do trabalho...é só no dicionário.Portanto depois de tannnto trabalho,eu em nome de JESUS te desejo muito SUCESSO.Vá com Deus e muitas bençãos para você.

  13. Wow, I am just a teensy bit jealous of your life right now...

  14. What a treasure trove of beautiful fabric! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into keeping us (your customers) happy and our cupboards and shelves full of beautiful fabric. Have fun at the Market! :) :)

  15. Alpine Wonderland is just fabulous! Have fun at Market.

  16. I couldn't imagine having that much fabric in my house! Have fun at market. Alpine Wonderland is gorgeous.

  17. Thank you for sharing! I wish I had been more on the ball and had one of those packages coming to me:(. Well anyway I will be patient to see what's coming:)

    Have a super time!!!!

  18. Wow...you are a busy lady with gorgeous fabrics!

  19. I love seeing pictures of your space (or lack thereof).

  20. Cuteness! Loved the shots of your workspace! ;-)

  21. Awe! Thank you for showing your space off! I love seeing it!

  22. Not sure if your hallway is heaven or hell!!

  23. I LOVE the Alpine Wonderland collection, couldn't even decide which colorway I like the most. Seriously! Your house looks like you're working in there :) And what does your family say about it? :)) You did really good in the week of sales, it looks like you sold half of the stuff that were there before. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, I would've never thought you're doing it this way. My respect to you!

  24. Looks like you are very busy and what beautiful fabrics! Have fun!

  25. I love seeing where people work! What a fun maze to have to weave around.

  26. Have an amazing time at Market! I love seeing your shop/home! keep us updated of the behind the scenes. :)


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