Tuesday...it's the other Monday

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Oops Monday got skipped somehow. I just got busy and forgot :) Wanna see what I did this weekend?

I made this start to an art quilt (it isn't finished) it will be put on point then appliqued to either a quilted background or a canvas. I haven't decided yet:

I put in some of my favorite pearls and sheet music. Some antique lace that I had and some silk dupioni. The Brooch came from the Flea Market. More about the flea market in a moment.

Friday night I went to the trunk show I told you all about and spent a ton of money, naughty me, but I can't resist Kristen's jewelry and one is for my best friends b-day (thankfully she rarely reads my blog):

This piece caught my eye right away ... thank heaven it fits perfectly :) Isn't it cute how she presented them all with the little muslin envelopes? Love!

And of course I couldn't resist the aqua one.

I loved the whimsical ribbons on this one.

Ruth had her book there and signed it for me. This book is being taught at A Work Of Heart as a bookclub. So many fun and amazing projects in it.

Saturday I went to the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild meeting so I was gone all day.

Then I came home and tried to get to sleep early but for some reason couldn't sleep. I had to get up at 4 AM to go to the Flea Market with the ladies from A Work Of Heart and Kristen and Ruth. Eep!

The alarm didn't go off... it is a good thing the cat wanted to be fed. It was 4:20 and I was supposed to be there (20 minutes away) at 5... I made it... even with a shower and everything. I did forget my hat though.

Which brings me to the painful part of the story. After walking around in the sun for 5 hours I am burned to a crispy fritter. Curse my redheaded German genes.

For anyone that doesn't live in this area I just have to mention the Alameda Flea Market. It is pretty famous. They are there every first Sunday of the month and it is all vintage. Everything sold there has to be at least 25 yrs old. Although I did see people selling plants and one lady that had made some altered art and candles...

Anyway... I found tons of old rhinestone jewelry to pull apart and remake into fun stuff. I got some pocket watch cases to resin up. I got some skeleton keys and some old linens.

At noon we left and went back to the studio where we had class with Ruth and Kristen and where I made that little art quilt. I was so wiped out that I came home and went to bed at 8. Then I had to have a nap after I worked yesterday LOL

So that is what I did at Summer Camp... what did you all do this weekend?

PS. in fabric news Nightshade and Alpine Wonderland are on their way ... hurry UPS man, hurry!
6 comments on "Tuesday...it's the other Monday"
  1. Can I just say - You are amazing!!! Can't wait to hang with you in 9 days!!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Well, other than the crispy critter bit...

  3. Apart from the sunburn, it sounds amazing!

  4. Sounds great! I went to Nancy's Notions weekend. It was also great!

  5. Sorry about your burn, but what a productive summer camp in spite of it! Love that mixed media stitching!

  6. Sounds like you are having some fun, except for the sunburn. I have not seen that book before, I will have to have a look.


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