Trumpet ... DO DO DO ... 500th post

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Woo hoo! I made it... never thought I would get here. And most of you are still here wanting to read what I say... that is the amazing part :)

So we are gonna have a little PARTAY... what do I do to party? Give stuff away of course... starting tomorrow and going for 5 days (5 for 500) I will post a prize each day that you can win by commenting on the giveaway post. I will explain better tomorrow :)

This is really bad... I can't remember what I have posted about the new fabrics that are in because I am getting a new collection every day. Yesterday evening Dress Up Days came:

 It is so stinking cute... I adore the bicycles and the dogs in the wagons. I also love the girls with the clothes lines and dancing in the rain... such cute stuff. The sherbety orange is my favorite!

Here is a picture of the doll you can make with the panel. Sorry the picture is not the greatest it was a little dark in her booth. The doll is so cute in real life though. She even has a second dress you can put on her.

You can find it here

So don't forget to come back tomorrow. I promis ethis is stuff you want :)

33 comments on "Trumpet ... DO DO DO ... 500th post"
  1. Congratulations on 500 posts! (I just passed 50 myself)

  2. Wonderful....congrats on hitting 500!!!!!

  3. WOO HOO is right!!!! Congrats on 500 posts Julie!!! And here's to 500 more =D

  4. Wow 500 posts, I don't even know how many I have done... will have to go and check... 136 for me, I have a long way to go to catch you up!! Hugs

  5. Congratulations! That's an achievement for sure, may there be another 500 in your future!

  6. Congrats on 500 posts! That's an awesome milestone!

  7. Congratulations on your 500 posts!! I'm so excited with this 5 day celebration!!

  8. I'll break out my partay hat and noisemaker and do a little jig for your 500th post! Okay probably not, everytime I do stuff like that Cap'n Anchovy (my pirate puppet that lives in my sewing room) gives me funny looks.

    :) Congratulations!

  9. Woo hoo! Congratulations on 500 mark! Dress Up Days is is pretty cute. I like the clothes line print and the bicycles too. Have fun!

  10. Congratulations!
    Love this dress up collection! So cute!

  11. Parabéns!Não se surpreenda você é ótima.Adorei estes tecidos.Aceito o convite para amanhã,obrigada.

  12. Congrats on 500 posts! I agree with you, just love the sherbety orange collection, how cute!

  13. Congrats on 500 posts!!! Love the new fabrics...especially the sherbety yummy!!!

  14. Congrats on 500 posts, that's quite a milestone!

  15. congrats on 500 posts. that is cute fabric. I like the bikes too.

  16. Looking forward to the celebrations! x

  17. Congratulations!
    That is such fun fabric.


  18. Congratulations! That is some great fabric!

  19. Congratulations on 500 post.Thant`s great!!

  20. Wow! 500 posts is huge...and you did it! The fabrics are so beautiful. Will be back!

  21. Happy 500th post! I love this new line.

  22. Congrats on the 500 milestone!
    You are crazy!! I like that about you :O)

  23. Congrats! And looking forward to tomorrow!

  24. Congrats on 500 posts. I must check all your new fabrics.

  25. Yay! Congrats on the 500 posts!

  26. 500 Posts is just CRAZY! Congratulations! And can I just say this is the first time I am seeing this line and I am just in LOVE!

  27. this new line!


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